This was an interesting week on So You Think You Can Dance. Some former favorites didn’t shine quite as brightly, while others who had lagged behind suddenly surged ahead. After Ariana Crowder and Kate Harpootlian were saved by the viewers’ Twitter votes, the judges decided to send breaker Burim “B-1” Jusufi and contemporary dancer Moises Parra home.

So who did enough to garner votes and stay in the So You Think You Can Dance competition?  Let’s break down the action from the Top 16 and see whose dreams are still alive and who should be ready to book a ticket home.

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The Best of the Night

If you had told me that the robot was making a comeback, I would have been skeptical. If you said hip-hop robots, I would be thrilled! Hailee Payne from Team Stage joined Team Street’s Virgil Gadson for an out of this world performance. It had swag and was fresh and fun. It earned a standing ovation from the judges, and I believe that Hailee and Virgil are here to stay. May I also add that it was adorable the way they stayed in character as robots during the entire critique?

Tapper Gaby Diaz joined Burim “B-1” Jusufi and Ariana Crowder for an athletic and energetic African-Jazz routine choreographed by Sean Cheesman. Ariana and Gaby did an amazing lift from a hand stand that had my jaw on the floor. Even though Burim went home, Gaby is most certainly safe, and I think that Ariana may be as well.

Krumper Jana “JaJa” Vankova joined Team Stage’s Alexia Meyer and Derek Piquette for a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece about courage. It was beautiful and moving. All of the dancers performed well, and JaJa was particularly notable. I think that this trio will sail into the next round.

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Who is in Danger?

When Megan “Megz” Alfonso teamed up with Team Stage’s Moises Parra and Jim Nowakowski for a hip-hop routine choreographed by JaQuel Knight, I did enjoy the routine. Megz usually shines, but in this number she seemed to run out of steam about halfway through as far as giving her trademark attitude. Moises and Jim really struggled, and since Moises has already departed the show, I think that puts Megz and Jim in a tough spot as far as earning viewer votes.

Breaker Asaf Goren joined jazz dancer Marissa Milele for a “club cha-cha” choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Are you confused about the term “club cha-cha”? Well, you are not alone, as the judges could attest to. Asaf was playing a handsome star and Marissa was portraying a groupie. Marissa was certainly spicy, but some of the time didn’t seem to be interacting with Asaf. Asaf had a multitude of troubles with the choreography, but he certainly gave it his all. The lack of connection between this duo could certainly doom their chances of continuing on in the competition.

In the end, I think that Marissa and Asaf will be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance. Tune in next time to see if your favorite dancer continues on in the competition.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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