Big Brother 17 is getting kind of boring. That’s not my opinion, that’s what the HGs themselves have said on the live feeds because they know they’re voting out all of the big personalities. Jace, Da’Vonne, Jeff and Audrey are all gone and now it looks like Jason will join them.

On the bright side, this is the fifth eviction, meaning the twins Liz and Julia will enter the house together and start playing the game as individuals. Maybe that can shake things up, but it’s not likely since they’re a part of the power alliance that’s been controlling the game for the last four weeks.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

Julie Chen lets us know there will only be ONE HoH this week in a battle of endurance. THANK GOD! I just hope this also means the Battle of the Block is finally over.

Understanding the Blindside

After the PoV ceremony, Jason, Jackie, Meg and James are totally confused and angry about what just happened. Vanessa tries to say she didn’t have a choice in blindsiding Jason and he doesn’t care about her shallow apology. Jason tells us that this show is his life and it means more to him than it does to other people in the house and he will do his best to fight.

Clay and Shelli don’t seem as upset and Jason figures out that they must’ve had a hand in this. Clay tells Meg he didn’t know about the plan because he doesn’t want to expose his game to her. Meg interrogates Clay and he is very stupid and transparent about it. Meanwhile, Austin gloats with Liz about scoring “one more for the good guys.”

Meg wants answers from Vanessa and cries to her in the HoH room. Vanessa tells her that Clay and Shelli knew about it and Meg tells her that they’re lying about that part of it. Liz stands by Vanessa because she hates Jason for blowing up the twin twist. Jackie asks Shelli if she was OK with Jason getting backdoored in front of Vanessa. Shelli tries to deny wanting Jason gone and Vanessa calls her out, letting Jackie know that Shelli is lying.

Jackie, Meg, Jason and James compare notes about Shelli and Clay lying to them and figure out that they must be working with Vanessa, Austin and Liz. This makes them all sad and depressed, because it’s bleak for their games.

Vanessa confronts Clay and Shelli to make sure they know that they need to take some responsibility for this move. Shelli is upset because now this puts a target on her back. Yeah, that was the risk of this move and her acting like she didn’t realize this was a possibility is just dumb. In this past week, it’s become clear that Shelli is not someone who will handle being put on the block well at all.

The Campaign

Jackie wants to keep Jason, even though Becky is her best friend in the house. She works with Meg, Jason and James to figure out they need to get Clay/Shelli, Austin/Liz or Steve/Johnny Mac. They decide that scaring Clay and Shelli might make them flip because they hate being targets. The plan is to convince Clelli that Becky will come after them before he does. Jason makes up a lie that Becky is gonna put them up together. He also offers a Final 4 with Clay, Shelli, Meg and himself.

Dr. Mac’s Friends and Family

We get a segment of Johnny Mac’s dental co-workers talking about how he’s playing dumb and acting completely different from how he usually does. His patients also love him. His family appreciates his strategy of making people like him, then stabbing them in the back later.

The Live Eviction

Becky calls herself basic and compliments Jason and his friendship. Jason thanks anyone who helped get him here. He asks them to keep him because he’s good for their long-term game.

Austin votes to evict…Jason (with no Judas!)
Meg votes to evict…Becky
Liz votes to evict…Jason
James votes to evict…Becky
Steve votes to evict…Jason
Jackie votes to evict…Jason
Shelli votes to evict…Jason
Clay votes to evict…Jason
John votes to evict…Jason

Jason is evicted 7-2!

Jason only hugs Meg, James and Jackie and tells them all to fight hard. He admits to Julie that he was naive enough to believe in Dark Moon. He thinks that Shelli is “evil personified” and Vanessa might have a bit more of a soul. He still has no idea why he was such a big threat. He also admits that he played more like a fan than a smart player.

Goodbye Messages: Shelli admits to being in the Sixth Sense and says she hates getting rid of him. Jackie thinks Jason deserved to win more than anyone. Liz is a total bitch, telling him to enjoy watching from his mom’s basement.

The Twin Twist

Julie Chen sits with Julia outside of the house. Julia learns that Liz won the Battle of the Block, so they’re both safe and she’s going into the house.

Julie Chen gathers the HGs inside the house and tells them about the Twin Twist. It’s so silly because they all know about it. Julia comes in and Liz is super excited. Julia hugs everyone. Julie Chen them tells them that the game is resetting and the Battle of the Block is OVER! They’re all very excited. So am I.

The HoH Competition

It’s a battle of endurance to decide the first solo HoH of the season. It’s the classic competition of hanging onto a wall. Whoever stays up the longest wins. The wall tilts and cold water gets sprayed on them, as always. They also get hit by eagles.

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