Happy Birthday Miley! It looks like sweet little Hannah Montana may be all grown up now, partying with grown-up drugs and everything!

TMZ has released a video of Miley Cyrus‘ 18th birthday in which the Disney and singing star takes a bong hit of an herbal drug called salvia. She then rapidly dissolves into increasingly hysterical giggles.

Salvia, the apparent drug of choice for young Miley, is actually legal in California and many other states. However, it is known to produce hallucinogenic effects (like, say, thinking you see your boyfriend…). The DEA is still evaluating the medical uses and potential harm of the herb.

Click here to find out where salvia-lovers can legally party like Miley!

Although one pro-salvia website claims that “it is intrinsically unsuitable for recreational use (i.e., it is not a ‘party drug’),” it’s safe to say that Miley and friends have found plenty of recreational uses for the herb.

Check out the video for yourself! Caution: Video contains sustained fits of uncontrolled and possibly irritating giggling.

Has Miley Cyrus changed? Perhaps. Compare today’s 18th-birthday video to the Disney promo for her 16th birthday (held at Disneyland).

Maybe a change or two…

Highlights of the salvia birthday video:

  • The very non-Hannah Montana soundtrack sort of makes you think of all those early ’90s cautionary tales. Like Courtney Love or **Rush. Only with more giggling.
  • “Is that my boyfriend? Is that my boyfriend?” Salvia’s your boyfriend now, Miley…
  • The Frosted Flakes product placement — it’s good to know what solves those salvia munchies!
  • The excellent camera work — give Miley’s “friend” a cinematography Oscar!
  • Miley’s growling “singing” style — could this be a new direction for Hannah Montana?
  • Miley’s ring — she could poke an eye out with that thing.
  • “You need to do more. You’re not as f**ed up as you should be.” Ah, friends!

Yes, it’s safe to say that Miley’s done with Disney.

What do you think of the video? Just a girl having fun, or is Miley Cyrus the next Lindsay Lohan? Let us know by leaving a comment!

(Image courtesy of WENN and videos courtesy of TMZ, PerezHilton and The Disney Channel)

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