After taking a little Thanksgiving break last week, Bones returned last night with an all-new episode entitled “The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck.”  Now, I have to admit that I really wasn’t expecting a lot from this episode going into it, but it actually pleasantly surprised me.  I feel like we’re slowly but surely returning to normal.  Don’t you?

Just a Kid from a Broken Home

So, this week’s case featured a surprising anomaly: melted bones.  Oh wait, just kidding.  The magnesium that was in the back of the victim’s truck when it exploded (which was a really cool scene by the way) only made the bones appear to be melted.  Gotta love science, right?

Anyway, the victim was a man named George Lyford whose wife, Kathy, was a teacher at a local high school.  When Kathy reported she and George were having money troubles, the FBI of course looked into it and found that she had been purchasing worthless Star Wars cards online for ridiculously high prices.  Suspicious?  Duh!

Upon questioning Mrs. Lyford, Sweets discovers that she was having an affair with one of her seventeen year-old students, Randy Siminoff.  Although Randy seemed like the prime suspect, the murderer actually turned out to be his girlfriend, Amber.

As it turns out, Amber was upset that Randy had fallen in love with Mrs. Lyford, so in order to get revenge on her, she tried to seduce her husband.  However, her attempt was unsuccessful and in an act of desperation, Amber stabbed and killed George Lyford.  What a lovely girl!  

Daisy’s Psych Test

In order to get cleared to work unsupervised at the Jeffersonian, returning Squintern Daisy Wick must pass a psych evaluation.  However, given that she is a little “misunderstood,” Daisy enlists the help of Sweets to make sure that she passes.  

She is definitely adamant about staying to work at the Jeffersonian, so I suppose I have to give her props for that.  Also, she was very funny in this episode, and I loved her experiment with Hodgins when she “shot” him with the bullet casing.  Those two were a great comedic team.       

Parker Meets Hannah

Not again…Booth trying to make Hannah an even greater part of his life just needs to cease.  I mean really.  But, I suppose there’s no telling him this as he sets up a meeting for the two of them in the park.  

At first awkward and incredibly uncomfortable, Hannah finally gets Parker to warm up to her, and the two become fast friends.  Darn!  It was looking so promising for awhile.  Now, I would like to mention that I found it interesting that she said she did not want to have kids of her own but would rather adopt.

Her reason behind it (giving all the children who don’t have families a family and a home) is a noble one, yes, but I mean, is Booth going to be ok with that?  I know he already does have Parker, but still.  

Oh wait, though.  You know what?  Hannah will be gone way before they go down that road anyway, so therefore, crisis averted.  At lease I hope…

Booth, Brennan, and Hannah

I have to say that I don’t really enjoy this triangle thing we’ve got going on here.  It needs to just be Booth and Brennan…stat.  Right?  Who’s with me?  

I mean that scene when they were in the car on the way to investigate and Brennan was recalling her cannonball in the pool which completely soaked Booth’s meatball sandwich… how can you deny that history and that chemistry?  

Although, as I’ve said in the past, perhaps the only good thing about the presence of Hannah is that we get to see how Brennan now deals with Booth being unattainable.  Thus, we get to see more of her emotional side and all those dejected looks which just break my heart.   Team Brennan all the way!  

Next week’s episode

So, I know that it’s still a week away, but oh my god, did you see the preview for next week’s episode, “The Doctor in the Photo?”  I think I literally shed a few tears.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.  You absolutely will not regret it.  This one’s going to be a game-changer folks.


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Nicole Bessette

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