Well, fellow Bones enthusiasts, in the latest episode of Bones, “The Doctor in the Photo,” it was all Brennan, all the time. But hey, I’m not complaining. In fact, I think it’s time the Emmy people finally started showing our girl Emily Deschanel some love. Don’t you guys agree?

After all, she did an amazing job in this episode, and I have to say that it was definitely one of the most unique episodes of Bones I’ve seen so far. Plus, I totally loved the mini Veronica Mars reunion. But now, without further ado, let’s break down this episode.

The Case

When the body of a wealthy Caucasian female is found grown into a tree in a bad area of town, Brennan and the Squints are called to investigate. And rightly so I might add because that’s just certainly not normal.  

Due to occupational markers on the bone, the female victim is identified as Dr. Lauren Eames, the best cardiac surgeon on the eastern seaboard. However, it seems as though Dr. Eames was apparently all work and no play given the fact that she didn’t have any family, any children or any friends. How sad!    

Later on, Hodgins discovers traces of opiates in the tree’s roots and identifies them as heroin. That explains what Dr. Eames was doing in a bad part of town, but contrary to popular belief, it was not the seller of the drugs that killed her.

After some digging and seemingly divine inspiration, Brennan discovers that Dr. Eames had been acting erratically, and it was this behavior that got her killed, not murdered, though.  Instead, Dr. Eames was run over by a car … because that’s so much better, right?

She’s Me!

Alright, now here’s where it gets a little freaky. Right from the start, Brennan identifies personally with the victim and then begins to see her face on the victim’s picture and eventually hears her voice on the victim’s recordings.  At times, she even talks with the victim!

Now, we obviously know that what Brennan is seeing and hearing is not real, but how do we explain what’s happening to her? Well, leave that to Sweets, my friends. It’s a classic case of over-identifying with the victim. Duh.

A prominent medical professional just like herself, Brennan starts to notice similarities between her life and the life of Dr. Eames. For instance, they are both the same height and weight, they are both extremely rational, and they are both closed-off and emotionally detached. Kind of scary spot-on isn’t it?  

But after discovering that Dr. Eames would engage in dangerous behavior just so she could feel something, anything really, Brennan discovers that she’s actually not like Dr. Eames at all. In actuality, she has friends and people who truly care about her like Angela, Booth, Hodgins, Cam, and Sweets. Oh and us!  


Oh, Enrico Colantoni, how I missed you! I must confess that before I became addicted to Bones, I was actually a huge Veronica Mars fan, so seeing Sheriff Mars and Weevil in the same episode literally made me squeal. And yes, I know that’s kind of pathetic, but just go with me please.  

All right, now in this episode, Micah was clearly the voice of reason for Brennan, making her realize things that she hadn’t before, things she had mistaken or simply missed. But there was one thing that puzzled me about the character of Micah.

For instance, if he had worked at the Jeffersonian for nine years, how come we have never seen him on an episode until now? Also, how come Booth didn’t know who he was and we only ever saw him interacting with Brennan? Maybe I’m way off base here, but it kind of made me wonder: Was Micah actually real or a figment of Brennan’s imagination? Comment below!

Brennan’s Confession

Perhaps the greatest similarity between her and Dr. Eames that really resonated with Brennan was the fact that they both had men in their lives that had confessed their feelings and wanted more but were all too suddenly turned down without being given a fair chance.  Sound familiar?  

Brennan discovers that Dr. Eames’ biggest regret was not taking a chance and opening her heart, and she decides that she does not want to have that same regret. So, what does she do? Well, she tells Booth in his car on the way back to her apartment that she made a mistake; she never gave him a chance, and she missed hers.  

And then of course, in the typical Bones fashion of breaking my heart, Booth tells Brennan that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but he is with someone (unfortunately he is talking about Hannah), and according to him she’s not a “consolation prize.” He loves her. Oh gag me!

So this then prompts Brennan to burst into tears (a very rare occasion for us fans) and then tell Booth that she’s fine alone and will just have to adjust like he did. Thanks a lot Booth and Bones writers. I don’t know how many more times you guys can stomp all over my heart.  Just saying.

The Music

Now, because I could probably continue talking about my frustration with the Bones writers for easily another hour or two, I think I’m going to leave it at that, but I did want to take this time to mention the amazing music in this episode. Wasn’t it awesome?

Give Them a Chance

I would like to mention one last thing related to Bones before I leave you, my friends, and it has to do with the ABC show Castle. Warning: Major spoiler ahead.

So, I found out two days ago that Castle (or the ABC version of Bones as I sometimes like to call it) has slated an episode for late January in which the two lead characters, Beckett and Castle, who are about ready to explode due to an excess of sexual tension, are going to kiss for real.  

Now, for those of you who don’t know or don’t watch the show, Castle is only in its third season but has already decided to go down this road because, according to one of the producers, they knew they couldn’t deny their fans this relationship any longer.  

I’m sorry, but we Bones fans have been waiting for six seasons now, and we’re still not there yet. So, Bones writers, I ask you sincerely, how much longer do we have to wait? If Castle is going to do it and it has worked for Chuck and Sarah on Chuck, don’t Booth and Brennan deserve a shot? I mean, yes, they’re two completely different shows, but still. Again, just saying. And now, sound away, my friends!   

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Nicole Bessette

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