Is all you want for Christmas a duet between Kurt and Blaine on Glee?

Well, if so, your wish has been granted! (But I have to be honest: You might want to dream a little bigger next year.)

Not that the following clip of Kurt and Blaine singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” isn’t its own sort of Christmas miracle, wrapped in joy and tied up with a perfect bow of “cuuuute!” Because it is. See for yourself:

Let’s just ignore the much-discussed creepiness of the lyrics of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and focus on the chemistry. Cute, right? Yes, very cute. Very cozy. Very Christmas. Love it!

Another sneak peek to tide you over until Tuesday: Lea Michele in a red beret singing “Merry Christmas Darling,” surrounded by tons of trees on stage, fake snow and a HARPIST. It doesn’t get more Christmasy than that!

More Glee Christmas fun awaits on Tuesday night with “A Very Glee Christmas,” airing at 8pm on Fox. Don’t miss it–especially since it’s Glee‘s last episode until–gasp!–the Superbowl. Check out more warm ‘n’ fuzzy photos from the episode:

(Image courtesy of FOX)