On this week’s episode of Smallville, entitled “Siren,” we get the chance to see another famed DC Comics character introduced into the universe of the CW series.  This time the character is Black Canary, who is known for her sex appeal and her ear shattering sonic scream.  The episode will find Black Canary working for Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow, and of course she’ll be causing trouble for the likes of Chloe, Lois, and Clark.  Read on for more details on the episode, as well as a glimpse of the exclusive CW promo.

The official CW description of the episode reads:

“While secretly working for Oliver (guest star Justin Hartley), Chloe (Allison Mack) intercepts one of Lex’s (Michael Rosenbaum) project files, but she is attacked by the Black Canary (guest star Alaina Huffman), a mystery woman with a subsonic cry.  Dinah Lance, Black Canary’s alter ego, is a conservative talk show host who is working at the Daily Planet and clashes with Lois (Erica Durance).  Lex convinces the Black Canary that the Green Arrow and his team are terrorists so she launches an attack on the Green Arrow and Clark (Tom Welling).  Meanwhile, Lois discovers Oliver’s secret.”

How will the Black Canary’s transition from comics to television fare?  In a previous BuddyTV poll, 72 percent of our readers thought that the Canary looked more like a hooker than a superhero.  One of our readers, scifigirl, even stated, “I’m a HUGE fan of Smallville, but the actress they cast for this role isn’t even close to what the Black Canary looks like in the comics.  Heck, the girls from Charmed had better super-hero costumes than this??  The Black Canary’s costume looks like she was a street-walker!”

Though the Black Canary may look like a lady of the evening in photos, we can hope that she’ll fare better in action.  Check out the CW’s promo for the new episode below, and don’t forget to watch Smallville Thursday at 8pm:

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The CW
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