Happy New Year! Smallville returns in less than two weeks and the spoilers are ringing our way. Are you as ready as I am? Seriously though, in light of all this information sharing flooding the online community, I thought I might propose a few requests of my own–10 to be exact, in honor of the year 2010 and in hopes of a 10th season.

10. Long live the Queen!

One request that demands no explanation, I should hope.

9. Legion Ring anyone?

A clever plot device worth utilizing again, and again, and again. Personally, as long as the ring exists, I vote for using it–whether accidentally or otherwise.

8. Toyman, Metallo, & kryptonite hearts…

Shall Winslow Schott and John Corben return? That is the question. But just imagine the mischief a stint in solitary with nothing but a green kryptonite powered heart might inspire. I say, bring it on!

7. Mia who?

I loved the introduction of Speedy as a spunky sidekick for the Green Arrow–but she deverves more than just superficial development. Cars. Speed. Streetfighting. Streetwalking. Stealing. Debt. All significant details, but now tell us the “How?” and “Why?” please. Once we understand her past, we might care more about her future.

6. Explain Alia please…

Yes. I am still on the whole “Alia retained her abilities under a yellow sun how?” bandwagon. Sue me. But this whole season revolves around the Kandorians and their unique abilities–or lack thereof. Preventing construction of the solar tower may protect humanity, but only if Zod and the Kandorians discover no other way of reclaiming their abilities. If another path exists, that changes everything.

5. Mercer the Merciless?

Someone explain Tess’ motivations for me. Please! I understand her fascination with Clark as a potential savior, but why Zod? Why choose the Kandorians rather than her own people? Whence comes this irrational belief that aliens led by a man who deliberately destroyed his own planet can nevertheless save the earth? What pieces of the puzzle am I missing? Oh! And now that Tess knows Chloe potentially kills her in the future, who else hopes for a smackdown between these two ladies?

4. More Chloe. Less angsty Chloe.

Before you rant and rave, let me explain. I love Chloe and I understand that witnessing your quasi-lover murder your estranged husband after you risked your entire world and even your life for his redemption might leave permanent scars and definite trust issues, but Chloe deserves happiness. Future Chloe a la “Pandora” might lead a band of merry men, but she definitely lacked the merry herself. Hence, I request resolution and healing for our favorite blond one–preferably before she pulls a Willow Rosenberg and turns all dark and veiny.

3. Jor-El’s secrets?

Remember that footage Chloe discovered of Jor-El retrieving obviously Kandorian objects from the Kent farm? Tell us the significance and current location of said objects, please. Inquiring minds want to know!

2. Save Zod!

BuddyTV user Makinus commented, “I do hope the writers find some way for Clark to ‘save Zod,’ it would [be] very cool…and would allow Clark to redeem himself for his failure to avert Lex from going to the dark side…even if soon afterwards Zod dies saving the world/Clark/something.” I agree. The idea of ‘saving’ Zod intrigues me–especially with all we learned of his past during “Kandor.” You tell me though. Is Zod even remotely redeemable?

1. Bring on the second, third, fourth, fifith, sixth dates, ad infinitum…

Lois demanded ice cream and chalupas, picnics in the park, dancing in the rain, and a monster truck rally. I second the motion. Furthermore, I issue a challenge for the writers: use the unique shared history and connection between Smallville’s Lois and Clark to develop an honest, enduring relationship and avoid the contrived drama–while maintaining the witty repartee, of course. Clois would not be Clois without the banter.

And those are my requests. Now, tell me what you want for Smallville in 2010!

-Trish Neale, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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