There’s been a case of drag queen doppelganging on the set of Ugly Betty, just as we reported last month.  The episode featuring Vanessa Williams’ brother will air in a couple of weeks, but Entertainment Weekly has already released a sneak peek for it.

Chris Williams will be portraying the character Wilheldiva Hater, and the exclusive photo tells all.  Both the Willys look fierce, but the original Wilhelmina seems to have something up her sleeve.

The episode, titled “Blackout!”, was shot at New York City’s famous burlesque club known as The Box.  While the actors worked on set, Chris Williams talked to the publication and joked about his upcoming appearance on Ugly Betty.

“I’m genetically programmed for [this role],” he exclaimed, laughing.  He looks far more fabulous than Wilhelmina herself, given those super-long lashes and a rose-red pout.

Even Michael Urie, who plays Marc St. James on the show, expressed how amused he was at seeing Wilhelmina and Wilhediva side by side.

“This side of bursting into flames, this show couldn’t get any gayer,” the actor joked.

But Chris Williams won’t be the only guest gracing the set of Ugly Betty on the episode “Blackout!”  According to Broadway World, another alum of the stage will be joining in.

Tovah Feldshuh, a veteran of Broadway, will also be a guest star for the upcoming installment.  She’ll be portraying the character Mrs. Varner, and her presence alone will certainly be a credit to the series.

“Blackout!” has the Ugly Betty gang experience a city-wide blackout, which only makes things worse for all of them.  First of all, Betty hosts a karaoke party in her apartment and gets many residents robbed.  Next, Daniel and Wilhelmina are tricked into taking couple’s counseling for all their squabbles.  Finally, Ignacio declares he doesn’t want Bobby to be involved with Hilda.

Despite the convoluted twists for the January 20 episode of Ugly Betty, we just can’t wait to see the interaction between the two Willys.  It’s definitely something to look forward to as the series progresses.

Source: ABC, Entertainment Weekly, Broadway World
(Image Courtesy of ABC)

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