The CW has built an impressive slate of superheroes with not the most recognizable of names. While everyone is familiar with Superman, Supergirl is much less well known than her cousin. (This assumes that people are even aware of the fact that Supergirl is Superman’s cousin at all.) Despite not having the biggest names The CW has carved out a nice little superhero group for itself and its annual crossover events. There is evidence to suggest, though, that one of the most recognizable superheroes could be making his way to Supergirl eventually. After being hinted at mercilessly Supergirl could be setting the stage for Batman to make an appearance.

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Hiding in Plain Sight … Like Batman

It’s true that Supergirl hasn’t exactly referenced the caped crusader by name. There hasn’t even been a mention of Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne. Supergirl has, however, dropped so many references and easter eggs surrounding the mythos of Batman that is almost a certainty that he exists in the same universe. Otherwise it is just trolling of the highest order.

The first reference towards Batman came from Kara herself, who mentioned that Clark had worked with a vigilante once and did not enjoy the experience. Adding on that name drop in season 2, a few civilians, after witnessing Superman in action, mentioned that they wanted to move back to Gotham. Then as of the most recent episode James Olsen dropped the largest hint yet, saying that people were scared of Guardian the same way they fear “Clark’s friend.” These could be harmless references but gathered together they must mean something. 

These references are not so different from what Arrow did in seasons 1 and 2 where they hinted at Barry Allen and Central City’s existence before eventually introducing him and giving him his own spin-off. While Supergirl almost certainly isn’t setting up a Batman spin-off, not least because FOX’s Gotham would be none too happy about it, it does feel like the show is paving a way to introduce the Dark Knight and that might be the right move. 

A(nother) World of Heroes

Since Supergirl began life on CBS, it had to back in to joining the Arrowverse. Kara, Clark and all the rest of the gang do not exist on the same Earth as Barry, Ollie and Sara Lance. This definitely gives Supergirl more freedom to do whatever it wants but it comes at a cost. The world of Supergirl feels just a teensy bit more hollow than the world of Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. There is a sense in each of those three shows that there are heroes around the world saving the day and defeating the bad guys. The world feels alive (and full of spandex) but still wholly complete. In Supergirl the only confirmed heroes are Clark in Metropolis and Kara in National City. They have enough powers to manage that surface area but it doesn’t feel like enough. Confirming that Batman is over in Gotham would be a very easy, and fan appealing, way to make the world feel a little bit more fleshed out. 

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Of course Supergirl would have to approach introducing Batman in the exact right manner. The character can’t be any more important or present than Superman is currently. If Superman, who is related to Kara and integral to her origin story, is too much of a distraction as a supporting character, Batman would be even worse. Batman can’t be going on weekly adventures teaching Guardian how to suck just a little bit less at being a vigilante. Batman is just too popular and beloved to be a supporting character on Supergirl without dragging away focus from the leads. 

A one-episode appearance with an entire installment of the character being front and center would do a lot to boost Supergirl‘s popularity as a series and add something new. Even a small cameo would be a very cool moment for Supergirl. It would be a fun way to flesh out the series and make Kara’s world feel like it is more than just a little add-on to the Arrowverse. Kara would still be the face of her universe but the audience would know that the world is far bigger and has more heroes protecting it than those that come from the House of El. 

But what do you think? Are these references about Batman or do they refer to another scary vigilante with a connection to Clark? Would you like to see Batman pop in to Supergirl season 3? Could the character ever pop up? 

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