The killer strikes again in Scream‘s “Let the Right One In,” but even this psycho can’t plan for everything — like a janitor innocently walking through the school halls on a Sunday. Also, Eli introduces Emma to “Goldilocks-ing” (a.k.a. a little B&E), and the killer introduces them to a lot of fire. Plus, Noah gets a bit closer to losing his virginity.

Here are the craziest and most awkward moments from “Let the Right One In.”

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Noah Stumbles When Zoe Asks Him to Study Together

Not only could his acceptance go a bit better (“You’ll pick me up — I mean, I will pick you up”), but Audrey has to tell him that Zoe meant a study date not study session.

The Sheriff Checks out the Farm and Finds This Photo:

Scream 207 1.pngAfter Emma and Maggie tell them what Emma saw and what they didn’t find upon going back, he and another officer see if there’s anything there since they now think someone’s targeting Emma. After finding the photo, the Sheriff makes a call to tell someone (later revealed to be Maggie), “We have a bigger problem than we thought.”

Audrey and Brooke Don’t See the Camera in the Hotel Room

Considering they expected to find Seth handcuffed and didn’t, Seth texted Brooke and Audrey knows more about the killer that’s out there than her friend, you would think she would at least look around a bit more. This isn’t that well-hidden:

Scream 207 2.pngMs. Lang Has a Drawer Full of Recordings, with a Separate Section for the Lakewood Five

But what are the other tapes? What’s with the folders on the Lakewood Six? Does she just really care or does she have a secret other than Seth?

Noah Goes Shopping for Condoms — and Gets Some Helpful Advice

Beatrice suggests they at least “narrow down the size,” asking, “Are you a big boy?”

The Killer Lures Ms. Lang out of Her Office and to the Injured Seth

Scream 207 3.pngWhen the killer comes up behind her, Seth tells her to run, and the killer stabs him.

The Killer Throws Ms. Lang off the Stairs

But when a janitor shows up, the killer has to flee.

Zoe Finds Noah’s Recording of Audrey’s Confession and Emails It

She presumably sends it to herself, and this can’t be good.

Audrey Bursts into Noah’s Room and Interrupts Him and Zoe

Scream 207 4.pngWith a killer out there, does Noah really think he’s going to lose his virginity anytime soon?

Eli Brings Emma to a Model Home for “Goldilocks-ing” — With Bodies Upstairs

Does he know they’re there?

The Killer Sets Fire to the Model Home

Emma and Eli get out through the garage.

But Seth, Upstairs in the Bathroom, Doesn’t — and He’s Still Alive

Scream 207 5.pngWell, he is when the fire is set. But considering no one knows he’s there, his hand was cut off and he was stabbed, his chances of survival aren’t looking good.

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