It can always get worse. After Jeremy’s attack on Rachel, the situation takes a darker turn on UnREAL Season 2 Episode 6, “Casualty.” Rachel’s reaction brings down a contestant and hurts Darius, while Quinn undermines Coleman’s loving support.

Unlike the normal shenanigans on the Everlasting set, the despicable acts come from a place of hurt or protection, though that doesn’t justify them or make then any less awful.

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Jeremy’s Attack Remains Secret

The first reaction to Jeremy’s attack set the stage for how Rachel is allowed to deal with it when Chet told her, “This has to stay in the family.” Jeremy’s fired, but according to both Chet and Quinn, that’s as far as his punishment could go. Well, except for Quinn’s hand grab, of course.

Jeremy knows everything that has gone on behind the scenes at Everlasting and especially with Rachel. By outing his attack, it would open the door for him to retaliate by destroying Rachel, but also Chet and Quinn.

Coleman attempts to get Rachel to turn Jeremy in, though he doesn’t know the true ramifications of going down that path. Rachel instead is left to deal with her physical and emotional pain and Jeremy is just out of a job.

Destroying Beth Ann

Still dealing with Jeremy’s attack, Rachel counted on the Alabama trip to bring chaos. When that doesn’t happen, Rachel needs a win and she doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. The answer came when Beth Ann reveals she’s pregnant and Rachel manipulates her into revealing her situation on camera to her family and Darius.

That drama isn’t enough though. Nope, not for Rachel. She steps up the crazy and gives Beth Ann’s ex-boyfriend the news and an engagement ring to blindside Beth Ann and her family. Chaos ensues, Beth Ann implies Darius is the father and a rifle is drawn. Rachel gets her moment, but it comes at a huge cost for Beth Ann, her family and Darius.

Oh, Tiffany

Beth Ann wasn’t the only contestant who didn’t have the best week. Wanting to get a win for herself, Madison uses the information about Tiffany and Romeo to blow that secret into the wide open. Madison takes one step closer to being a mini-Rachel with this despicable act.

Chet continues his plan by making Tiffany an offer. Final 2 for a meeting with her father. The two make a deal and it’s game on for Tiffany and Darius. It’s all dark and dirty, but it makes for a great show, right?

Welcome Back, Adam

Quinn isn’t one to take the backseat. She’s threatened by Coleman’s relationship with Rachel and that doesn’t sit well with her. So what does Quinn do? It doesn’t matter that Rachel finds peace and comfort with Coleman after Jeremy’s attack. Quinn does what serves her best and that’s a Rachel who depends on her. Only her.

Quinn calls Adam to disrupt Rachel and Coleman’s relationship. Love triangle! Quinn’s delusional if she thinks this will bring Rachel back into the fold, right?

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