There’s another new speedster coming to The Flash in season 3, but it’s someone you’ll definitely recognize. The CW has released a new promo photo that shows Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) as his superhero alter ego, Kid Flash.

He’ll first appear in the season 3 premiere, “Flashpoint,” taking on the comic book persona Wally West was always destined to have. The long-lost son of Joe and brother of Iris, Wally’s new role as a speedster definitely offers some clues about what season 3 of The Flash will look like.

kidflashs3premiere.jpgWe know that Barry Allen went back in time at the end of season 2 to save his mother’s life. The season 3 premiere is titled “Flashpoint,” which is a famous comic book storyline that sees Barry in an alternate timeline after his mother is saved. It seems very likely that Barry may no longer have his powers, but Wally does and he’s the new hero of Central City.

You can see Kid Flash on the season 3 premiere of The Flash coming Tuesday, October 4 at 8pm on the CW.

(Image courtesy of the CW)