People are dying. Noah’s considering leaving his murder obsession behind and shutting down his podcast. Emma found out about Audrey’s connection to Piper. Things can’t get much worse than that on Scream, right? Wrong. By the end of “Heavenly Creatures,” Emma and Audrey were in a position they probably never expected: arrested for one murder and therefore likely suspected in more.

Here are the moments that led up to that crazy ending in “Heavenly Creatures.”

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The Killer Broke into Emma’s House and Stole Her Dream Journal

Scream 211 1.pngNoah Asked the Others to Take Down His Murder Board

He’d decided to leave his murder obsession behind and shut down the Morgue.

In Noah’s Papers, Emma Found a Newspaper Clipping on Will’s Funeral — and Eli Was There

Scream 211 2.pngWhy was Eli in Lakewood then? Why was Eli at Will’s funeral?

The Killer’s Texts to Audrey Made Her, Emma and Kieran Even More Suspicious of Eli

“What? Your friend didn’t like my gift? She’s good at cutting people off. But she better watch out … I cut deeper.”

Emma figured it was Eli, mad because she didn’t respond to his texts. Kieran wanted to confront him, but they came up with a better idea.

Eli Decided to Deal with Mayor Maddox

The mayor was paying them to leave town, but Eli had “things” he didn’t want to “run away from,” so he went to the mayor’s house, snooped through his desk, took some papers and left him a warning: “YOU ARE SO SCREWED.”

Kristin Named Emma When Sheriff Acosta Asked About Anyone with an “Unhealthy Obsession” with Piper

(That was after naming Stavo and talking about his fascination with death.)

Kristin talked about Emma’s hallucinations, fits of rage and violent, recurring nightmares. “There’s no telling how this new round of violence could be impacting her,” she said.

Stavo Convinced Noah Not to Shut Down the Morgue

“Your podcast does something for people,” Stavo told him. “The death rate is one per person. Nobody gets out of this alive. Someone needs to talk about that.” He then emailed him something he called “better than some crappy ‘get well’ balloons”: his drawings of Noah’s investigation and encounter with the killer.

Kieran Snooped Around Eli’s Room and Found Audrey’s Letters to Piper

Scream 211 3.pngAlso with them were photos just like the ones Emma saw at the farm. They could even be the exact ones — and that meant Eli could be hiding out at the farm. With the possibility of more evidence there and Eli at his house, Emma and Audrey decided to check it out.

Meanwhile, when Kieran put the letters and photos back, Eli saw him.

The Mayor Received a Text from “Unknown” to Meet About His “Interesting Documents”

From Eli? From the killer? Perhaps one in the same?

The Killer Hacked Noah’s Computer and Uploaded His Own File

Scream 211 4.pngAs Noah was trying to upload his latest podcast dedicated to Zoe, an alternate file uploaded instead. This one, all about Emma and Audrey, revealed Audrey’s connection to Piper and showed her with Jake’s body and used Emma’s dreams.

Was it just a coincidence that Stavo emailed him earlier? Was it just a coincidence that earlier, Kristin gave Emma’s name to Sheriff Acosta?

Emma Found the Hidden Room at the Farm — and Her Dream Journal Was There

It was open to the page about her stabbing her friends.

Mayor Maddox Showed up for That Meeting and the Killer Stabbed Him with a Pitchfork

After luring him right where he wanted him with sounds of his texts being received, the killer sent one last message: a photo of him holding the murder weapon.

The Police Caught Emma and Audrey Bloody-Handed and Holding the Murder Weapon

Scream 211 5.pngAfter seeing Mayor Maddox there, they went to check it out — and watched him pull out the pitchfork. After they tried to help him, getting their hands bloodied, they heard someone pull up and grabbed whatever they could to use against the killer, including the murder weapon. That was when the police showed up.

Emma and Audrey Were Arrested

And they knew that if the police thought that they killed the mayor, they also thought they killed everyone.

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