Season six of Scandal has been a very dangerous game that has cost people their lives, and it’s been a losing battle for not just Olivia and friends, but also her father. But now, it seems everyone, including Fitz, is on the same page, and they want to take back the Oval from this mystery group. In “Mercy,” the team seems down and out before putting a plan into action that could get the White House back into the right hands.

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Who’s In Charge?

While it seems to the general public that Mellie is now the president-elect and in charge of the country, behind the scenes, Ruland is setting Mellie up and controlling her. Poor Mellie tries to take some control, and even gives Ruland a list of possible Cabinet members, but Ruland just laughs and encourages Mellie to take the word “my” out of her vocabulary. Then she says that their first order of business is to fill the recent vacancy in Mellie’s staff.

Stepping Down but Not Out

Peus goes to see Olivia as Ruland is setting Mellie up. He tells Olivia that they no longer want Jake as Mellie’s vice president, and that Olivia needs to coordinate his resignation. Olivia immediately tells him no, but Peus produces photos of Jake covering up Elizabeth’s murder. Olivia tells Peus to release the photos because all it will do is hurt Mellie. Peus then tells Olivia that he will be Mellie’s vice president.

Later on, Olivia tells Jake he needs to step down. He doesn’t want to, but Olivia says he if doesn’t, Peus will kill him. She adds that after he steps down, they will figure out their next move together, as they always do.

Jake steps down the next day during a press conference. And as soon as it’s over, Ruland gives Mellie a speech she needs to give to announce her new VP. They head into the Oval Office, where Fitz confronts her. But before she gets into her “I’m important and in charge” speech, police and Secret Service members swarm in and whisk everyone out of the office due to a drone in White House airspace.

Figuring It Out

Ruland and Abby are taken to a cell under the White House with some Secret Service members. But everyone else is taken to a secure room where David Rosen, Jake, Cyrus, Olivia and Marcus are waiting. Olivia tells Mellie the drone is theirs, controlled by Huck and Quinn, and they have 75 minutes to figure out a way to get Mellie back from the mystery, killing group.

They think the first order of business is to name someone else other than Peus as Mellie’s VP. However, when Cyrus suggests himself, everyone disagrees. Of course, tempers flare, especially when Eli joins the group. He makes Fitz beg for his help, but then tells him no. He tells everyone he will not join their suicide mission, and lets them know the mystery group can’t be defeated.

Things get heated, and everyone starts bringing up the past. Mellie brings up “defiance.” Eli brings up the death of Fitz’s son, and his affair with Olivia. Eventually, Eli basically tells everyone they need to call mercy. So, Olivia tells everyone to take a breather.

Cyrus and Eli share a drink, which turns into a fight because Cyrus attempts to attack Eli to avenge Vargas’s death. David Rosen and Fitz discuss women. Jake insults Olivia because he knows she’s sleeping with Fitz again. And Mellie seeks comfort in Marcus, who tells her that she has power no matter what, because she’s the president.

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Regroup and Conquer

As the group gathers back in the room, Jake insists they just face this mystery group head on. Olivia thinks it’s a bad idea because they will push back. But Mellie comes in and agrees with Jake. She says if the group pushes back, it means they will just fight back even harder. She then asks Cyrus to be her VP, but he turns it down. Olivia says they have to name someone pure who is willing to take down this group.

Meanwhile, Ruland is getting antsy with Abby and realizes something is up when the drone is cleared but they aren’t being released. Then they watch as Mellie announces that Luna Vargas, Frankie’s wife, will be her VP pick. Ruland is furious and threatens a Secret Service guard, but Olivia walks in just in time. She tells Ruland that she is now Mellie’s chief of staff and Ruland and her group are no longer in charge. In fact, Ruland is now their prisoner and Olivia has her arrested. Abby and Olivia then start to prepare for Peus’s wrath.

A Side Romance

And in a silly side plot, Charlie gets snippy with Huck when he thinks that Quinn has feelings for him. He goes MIA during the drone mission, but after Huck finds him for Quinn, who goes to confront him. She explains that while she does love Huck, it’s not the same kind of love she feels for Charlie. And then they make up.

Is This Good?

Now that Olivia has the upper hand on Scandal, I can only wonder just how long that will last. This new group is ruthless and has eyes and ears everywhere. I imagine that Peus already has a plan in place to kill someone else to scare Mellie, Olivia and friends. But I also know that Olivia will stop at nothing to protect herself and those she loves.

It’s very interesting that Mellie chose Luna. But it’s definitely a good way to fight this new group.

When Jake confronts Olivia about sleeping with Fitz, she acts like it’s no big deal and turns the tables on him by calling him jealous. I have to wonder just how long Olivia and Fitz will be together. I do hope it’s forever in Vermont, but it seems they will have their plates full for a while with taking back the Oval.

Do you think Olivia really has the upper hand against this group now? How do you think Peus will react when he realizes what Olivia has done? Do you think Olivia stands a chance in defeating this group? And do you care that the group hasn’t really revealed why they want the Oval yet?

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