Are Raven’s days numbered? With Praimfaya coming and her brain being destroyed by the remnants of the chip, her life is in danger on two fronts. Will she find a miracle to save humanity or even herself?

BuddyTV spoke to Lindsey Morgan this week to discuss Raven’s state of mind, visions of Becca, relationship with Murphy and final decision on how to live out the final days before Praimfaya.

What is Raven’s state of mind at this point?

Morgan: Raven’s state of mind is that of– it’s funny. It’s at a very unstable place because the ALIE code has just been eating at away at it and it’s been deteriorating at a rapid pace. She’s having her physical outbreaks of anger and rage. And then she’s having hallucinations and seizures. This is the most unstable that she’s ever been, but as you see at the end of the episode, she has a really sobering, and I feel, very mature awakening and realization and decision that she makes.

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That’s a good way to put it.

Yeah, I feel like even though she’s unstable, she’s still– there’s still enough Raven Reyes in there to still come up with something pretty brilliant.

How much of these visions she’s having of Becca is the chip and how much is her own subconscious feeding through Becca? Do you think there’s any of that?

I think there is a lot of it. Maybe even an equal representation. I think that whatever is happening in her brain with the chip– I feel like the chip is deteriorating those walls in her mind between consciousness and subconsciousness and dreamlike states. I feel like it’s bleeding together. Also, things that are inside of her are manifesting itself through these hallucinations.

That’s why I think Becca appears and why Becca speaks to her. And Becca is her true– is a manifestation of a true desire that Raven has always had that she up until this point kinda has had to kind of muffle all this time because she was always putting everyone before her. This is a very interesting manifestation of Raven’s heart coming out.

The seizures are painful. She’s had her leg problems from being shot. Raven’s been through a lot. Do you think she is starting to come to peace with where she is in life at this point?

I think definitely by the end of the episode. I think because she has been through so much, she was in denial about what was happening to her mind. Even with Abby’s warning, Raven wasn’t listening to it. There was a part of her that didn’t want to hear it– that there was something killing her. I think there was also a giant part of her that felt, even if something was going to kill me, I’m going to do what I can. I’m going to help my friends even if it kills me and I’m going to make it.

She was willing herself to stay alive and willing herself to find an answer for her friends despite her circumstances and this giant obstacle really fighting against her every step of the way. I think there’s that and with that coming around full circle, I feel Raven finally is accepting her mortality in a new way that she’s never accepted it before.

And the fact that she’s going to actively stop trying to find a solution for her friends and focus on herself is a sign that she’s accepting her death. And therefore, she’s going to fulfill her last dying wish as selfish as it may be.

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Raven’s had a very complicated relationship with Murphy. At this point, where does their relationship stand right now?

Murphy and Raven have a very unique dynamic because he disabled her. But through the season Raven has grown closer to Emori and felt a lot of empathy for Emori because she feels Emori is subjugated to a lot of prejudice because of her hand and what people may see as a “disability,” which Raven feels very much akin to.

I think she has a strange care for Murphy because he loves Emori. She’s trying her best to forgive him and I think she does forgive him when she really finally accepts that we are all just humans and the time was have now is all we have left.

It’s been a very hard journey to forgive him because of of what he did to her, but they’ve been through so much now at this point that she sees Murphy in a new light completely. She forgives him by the end of the episode.

Jasper and his crew in Arkadia have decided to party and drink and have a jolly good time as the world is ending, do you think Raven is coming from the same place or is she coming from a different mindset with what she’s trying to do?

Raven is in a different circumstance, but I think her decision on how to live out her last few days is very similar to Jasper and his crew. Raven’s isn’t to get wasted or to party. Raven’s is to finally fulfill her heart’s desire. A lifelong love of hers that she’ll never get another chance. In her mindset, if she’s going to go out like this, she’s going to go out big.

I think it’s taken Raven so long to finally accept the truth that regardless of whether the apocalypse comes or not, her brain will still die. She’s either going to become a vegetable and just be a vegetable in the bunker, or she’s going to [spoiler]. At least she’ll have the ride before her fall. I think that it’s just her accepting her mortality. And in that case, she’ll finally be a little selfish and have a little fun I guess before she goes.

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