On this episode of The 100, “DNR,” Clarke tries to broker peace between Trikru and Azgeda, Raven is revisited by Becca and Roan comes up with a plan to determine who survives Praimfaya and who dies.

Count on mankind to fall apart in the face of total annihilation. Indra is determined that no member of Ice Nation makes it into the bunker, so she’s called on Trikru’s allies to drive the Ice Nation out of Polis. A woman named Ankara comes to recruit Ilian for the fight who is spending the end of days on his family’s farm with Octavia. Ilian takes a hard pass. Octavia is surprised to learn that Ilian is actually a kick-ass warrior, but he doesn’t see any point in fighting when the end of the world is nigh.

A Warrior’s Death

Octavia wants to fight, even if Ilian doesn’t see the point. She’d rather die a warrior’s death than being consumed by Praimfaya. Ilain tells her his people don’t fear death because it is just the beginning of the next journey. Crops die in the winter and return in the spring. Most people don’t know when their winter will come, but they do, and that’s a gift. Ilian doesn’t want to waste time fighting.

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Free Will

Jaha and Monty have returned to tell their people about the bunker which also comes complete with a water filtration system and a hydroponic farm. He informs everyone that it’s time to pack up and head to Polis.

Not everybody is rejoicing at the news that they get to hunker down in a bunker for years with Jaha calling the shots. Harper tells Monty she’s tired of fighting. He reassures her that once they’re in the bunker, they’ll be safe, but Harper reminds him that every time they think that, something bad happens. Monty sees the bunker as a chance for a future, and he encourages Harper to reconsider giving up,

Harper isn’t the only one not interested in going to the bunker. Riley and Jasper are part of a group determined to decide their own fates.

The Art of War

Roan, Abby, Clarke, Miller and Jackson arrive on the outskirts of Polis. Abby informs Clarke that Skaikru made an agreement with Trikru to share the bunker, and they would rather go to war than live with Azgeda. Clarke reminds Abby that they already have a deal with Roan. She realizes her people are about to ambush Roan, but Abby informs Clarke that Indra agreed to make room for Roan as long as he doesn’t put up a fight. But Echo, having  learned of the plan, arrives with warriors to save her king and takes the others hostage.

Echo tells Roan of the Trikru-Skaikru alliance, and he confronts Clarke who swears she just learned of Trikru’s plans. Roan believes her and thanks Clarke for trying to come to his defense. Clarke tells Roan they don’t have to go to war, but Roan says it’s too late. Skaikru betrayed him.

Clarke reminds him that the bigger picture is survival. If Azgeda was willing to hunker down with Skaikru, why not Trikru as well? Roan is convinced Skaikru and Trikru were planning to assassinate him, but Clarke tells him that Kane cut a deal with Indra that would spare his life. This isn’t good enough for Roan who isn’t about to hang his people out to dry.

Trikru may have seized control of the temple and the bunker, but Azgeda surrounds it, ensuring that nobody can get in. Clarke is certain Indra will be forced to come to some sort of compromise. Roan agrees to talk with Indra, but he’s keeping her people as hostages as collateral. Clarke wants Roan at the meeting, but Roan views Kane as a traitor. Besides, if anyone can convince mortal enemies to move in together, it’s Clarke.

Raven is Revisited by Becca

Raven, Emori and John are still at the lab, packing up some of the tech equipment. Raven’s health continues to decline, and she’s experiencing hallucinations. She’s got Becca in her head. Becca tells Raven her time is running out, and she’s not talking about the radiation, she’s referring to Raven’s brain. The computer code is destroying her neurons at an advanced rate. Soon, Raven won’t know how to tie her own shoes. Becca urges Raven to take the shuttle up into space and die with a view. Her people don’t need her help now that they have the bunker.

Emori wonders what happened to Miller who was supposed to return from Polis to pick them up along with the supplies, but since he’s been captured, they have no way off the island. As Emori and John watch Raven coming unraveled, they consider their options. John says they can ride out the radiation in the lighthouse bunker, but Emori points out they don’t have enough food for five years.

The Blood of the Commanders

Roan and Clarke arrive at the temple where Clarke meets Gaia. She thanks the Flamekeeper for helping to find the bunker, but Gaia isn’t a fan of Wanheda’s. Clarke handed over the Flame to an unworthy king. Gaia keeps up the ruse that the flame was destroyed as a result.

Roan and Clarke head into the bunker to talk to Indra and the other war chiefs of the Trikru alliance. There’s a lot of bad blood between these two tribes, and Indra believes war is inevitable. The only reason it didn’t happen before was because of Lexa. Clarke tries to smooth the waters, pointing out they all share a common goal — to survive Praimfaya. It’s coming in six days, and anyone in the bunker will be dead.

As far as Indra’s concerned, the only option to break the stalemate is to fight. Clarke argues the bunker will hold 1200 people, and there’s no reason they can’t all share it. All of the clans can survive, and that is what Lexa would have wanted. Indra agrees, and if Lexa were still around, the clans would have obeyed her. But since there’s no commander to rule them, it’s war.

Roan leaves, but Clarke stays behind. She knows Gaia has the Flame because Octavia told her. Clarke isn’t about to sit around and let the clans fight over the one thing that can save them. Gaia points out that not even Wanheda can stop the clans from killing each other. Maybe not, but a commander could. Gaia says they need a Nightblood for that, so Clarke grabs Gaia’s knife and cuts herself, revealing that she meets the requirements. Clarke asks Gaia to make her the commander.


Jasper and his merry band of rebels continue to party, locking themselves into a room. Jasper and a few of the others are also armed and dangerous. He puts his hand up to the door and reveals the letters DNR are written on his palm — do not resuscitate.

Bellamy and Monty try to convince him to put down the gun and open the door, but he insists they aren’t coming out. Harper pleads with Monty to just go and leave them alone, but Jaha is determined to get inside and prepares to blow open the door. Bellamy warns Jasper someone is going to hurt, but Jasper replies if they don’t want anybody to get hurt, they won’t open the door.

Jaha doesn’t want to leave children behind to die, and Bellamy reminds the former chancellor that’s exactly what he did when he sent them to earth. The difference now is they have a choice, and so does he. Jaha backs down and prepares to head out. Monty doesn’t want to give up, but Jaha agrees with Bellamy that he can’t save people who don’t want to be saved.

Jasper and Harper emerge to say goodbye to Bellamy who still holds out hope he’ll meet his friends again. Jasper assures him that they won’t. After the others leave, the partying resumes, Harper spots Monty who decided to stay behind to be with her. He hasn’t changed his mind but is hanging around in case they change theirs.

Skairipa Returns

Ankara returns to Ilian’s farm with a few others, one of whom recognizes Octavia. She murdered and beheaded one of his friends. Octavia warns them to leave, but they’re determined to fight. Octavia has no choice but to engage and she brutally murders them all as Ilian looks on. She tells him this is who she is.

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The Ascension

Echo and Roan’s war council is interrupted by the ascension call. They don’t understand how this is possible since the flame was destroyed. He realizes he’s been tricked. Echo warns Roan that a new commander is bad for them. They still control the tower, and she wants to stop the ascension, at least until they know who the new commander is, but Roan already knows.

Everyone gathers together, and Indra questions her daughter about this mysterious Nightblood. Gaia keeps mum and moves forward with the ceremony Clarke enters the room, and Indra objects that Wanheda is not a Nighblood, but Gaia proceeds with the ceremony, revealing that Clarke’s blood is the blood of the commanders.

Roan speaks up, stating that Clarke is making a mockery of their faith. She tells Roan she’s trying to save them, Roan orders Echo to bring in Abby who has serious reservations about Clarke’s plan. The flame could kill her, but Clarke has decided they have no other choice.

Roan urges Abby to reveal how Clarke became a Nightblood, and Abby sells Clarke out. Roan argues that if anyone can be made a Natblida and take the Flame, they can no longer trust the blood. Indra declares the war has been delayed long enough, but Roan points out that Clarke is right about fighting a war being the wrong way to decide who survives. He suggests one final conclave consisting of one champion from each clan. Whoever wins, gets the bunker. Indra agrees.

Hope Floats

Miller and Jackson are freed and return to the island. Raven informs John she’s not going with them. She knows she’s dying, and she’s tired of being in pain. She plans to go into space and do one final spacewalk. Murphy apologizes for everything he’s done to her, but she assures him none of this is his fault. She can deal with losing her leg but not her mind. Raven tells Murphy to pass along the message that she’s chosen to float herself.

Skaikru’s Champion Arrives

Bellamy arrives in Polis and learns about the final conclave. The entire city is to be the battlefield, and there’s not time limit or guns. Without guns or anyone trained in Grounder combat, Bellamy realizes there’s no way that Skaikru can win. Only Skaikru does have a champion, and she just arrived in the city — Octavia.

Will Monty convince Jasper and the others to fight for their survival? Have we seen the last of Raven? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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