On this episode of Empire, “Love Is a Smoke,” Cookie is forced to make a big decision about her future when she thinks Angelo is going to propose. Lucious does everything in his power to stop Andre’s Vegas deal, and we learn more about his past with Giuliana.

Step-Daddy Issues
Cookie walks in on Lucious listening to a demo he wrote 15 years ago. Unbeknownst to Cookie, the song is actually about Giuliana. Cookie tells Lucious that she thinks Angelo is going to propose to her soon, and he reacts calmly and says he won’t interfere. However, he does say, “Whatever you and him got, it ain’t nothing compare to what we had.” (He’s right, but I want to see Cookie in an over-the-top wedding dress, so I’m all for the duo getting engaged.)

Angelo goes to Jamal to ask for his opinion about proposing to Cookie. He is concerned about her past with Lucious and the “Lucious Meets Cookie” album, but Jamal assures him that there is nothing going on between his parents anymore. Jamal gives Angelo his permission and even jokingly calls him “step-daddy.”

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Fam Supports Fam

Lucious tells Cookie that they need to stop Andre’s Las Vegas deal because Giuliana is dangerous. Speaking of Andre and Giuliana, they go to Tory to get her to write a song for Nessa. She agrees, even though she knows Lucious would not be happy if he found out.

Cookie and Lucious go to Empire Entertainment and Cookie meets Giuliana. We also see a flashback to Lucious meeting “Juicy” (Giuliana’s ridiculous nickname that reminds me of the 2000s sweatsuits) at a strip club. Lucious tells Cookie about Giuliana’s husband Rafael (he doesn’t know that she killed him) and makes it clear that Andre is not allowed to work with her anymore. When Cookie talks to Hakeem, Jamal and Andre about marrying Angelo, Hakeem is hesitant, but Jamal convinces him it is for the best. Andre, on the other hand, says he will only support Cookie if she supports his Vegas deal with Giuliana.

Indecent Proposal

Becky brings Lucious into the recording studio when Tory is recording her song for Giuliana, Andre and Nessa. He’s impressed, and tells Becky to debut the song on Empire Extreme without telling Andre.

Anika goes to Tariq’s apartment wearing a wire to try and catch something Lucious could use against him. Lucious and Cookie are listening in, and Lucious thinks Boo Boo Kitty delivers when she gets Tariq talking about his suspension and how he is still working on the case. Cookie is about to leave to meet Angelo when Lucious gets a call from Shine about Rafael. She offers to go with him, but he sends her to Angelo. Cookie thinks Angelo is going to propose, but really he just asks her to make a TV appearance with him.

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Brotherly Love

Shine sets Lucious up and Giuliana is waiting for him with a gun when he arrives. We see another flashback to Lucious and Giuliana making plans for a future in Vegas together, but it turns out she was working with Rafael to steal from Lucious the entire time. He tells her that he wants the $10 million Rafael made him pay 15 years ago, but Giuliana tells him she doesn’t have anything anymore unless Andre’s deal goes through, so Lucious agrees.

Hakeem and Tiana introduce Tory’s new song on Empire Extreme, and Tiana dances with her on the livestream. Jamal stops by afterwards, and is mad when he sees alcohol in the room. Tory accuses him of being jealous because he cannot handle competition. She leaves the room with a bottle of liquor. Uh-oh.

Lucious tricks Tariq into coming to a hotel room in Jersey City, and tells him about how Anika was wearing a wire. Lucious also tells him he called the FBI, but gives him a bag of supplies and the chance to run. Brotherly love at its finest.


Angelo proposes to Cookie on live TV because Jamal told him she likes grand gestures. Cookie hesitates (and doesn’t really respond at all), but Angelo puts the (GIGANTIC) ring on her finger and the host announces they are engaged. After they go backstage, Cookie tells Angelo that she kissed Lucious and still has feelings for him, and Angelo loses it. He starts to reveal all the illegal things he did for Cookie without realizing that his mic is still on. Angelo’s mother is furious and assures Angelo that they will get revenge.

Lucious crashes Andre and Giuliana’s Vegas deal by getting to the new commissioner Charlotte Frost (played by Eva Longoria) first. He steals their idea and impresses Charlotte on his own. Tory performs Lucious’ old demo, and when he tells Giuliana he wrote it for her, they kiss. Cookie oversees and looks heartbroken.

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