On the latest episode of Designated Survivor titled “Lazarus,” President Kirkman considers serious candidates for Vice President. His administration’s Speaker of the House, Kimble Hookstraten, finds herself embroiled in a scandal that she might not be able to use her clout to get out of.

Agent Wells and Jason Atwood return from North Dakota with a critical new lead while journalist Abe Leonard’s investigation takes an unexpected turn. How will this all end for the President and the people of the United States? With only a few episodes left, this will certainly be an interesting time for Designated Survivor fans! Let’s find out what happens!

Lazano is Alive!

Hannah and Jason see that Lazaro is not dead after visiting a hidden shelter and coming upon the True Believers. They are then chased by the strays congregating around the silo. Jason is shot in the process after Lazano is discovered.

Speaker Hookstratten and the President pass a bill regarding gun control which is set into motion with both of their assistance. The speaker makes the case for the President Kirkman through a bipartisan vote. Both Seth and Aaron are wondering if Speaker Hookstratten will be called upon by the president to be his Vice-President after the untimely death of Peter MacLeish. President Kirkman does indeed ask Hookstratten to be his Vice-President, the first female Vice-President in the nation’s history.

Senator Hookstratten’s Secret Links to Turkey

Liam Price visits Senator Bowman and shows him a paper detailing secrets about Speaker Hookstratten and her link to Turkey. The story about the speaker breaks on the website Politico and both Seth and Aaron are shocked by what they read regarding the Speaker. Aaron confronts Bowman and accuses him of setting up the Speaker.

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Emily and Seth talk to the President and it appears that Senator Hookstratten accepted gifts from Turkey. Hookstratten feels that she is not wanted in her position as she is the old guard who knows many secrets about her constituents. The House Ethics Committee reveals they are opening an investigation into the Speaker regarding her improprieties and her links to Turkey.

The President Finds Out That Lazano is Still Alive!

Hannah goes to check the body of who is believed to be Lazano and realizes it is not him, despite the fact that his dental records and fingerprints match. Someone from the White House hacked into the system and changed the records of the dead man with Lazano.

Liam Price meets with Senator Hookstratten and it is revealed the two worked together 12 years earlier and had a falling out when she realized he was stealing from both her and her constituents. Hookstratten realizes that he is the leak that revealed the information to Bowman regarding her past. She then reveals she still has the original evidence against Liam and says she has forwarded it to Senator Bowman. Now the Speaker has the upper hand against him. The President refuses to withdraw his support of Hookstratten and wants more than ever to push forward her nomination for Vice-President of the United States.

Hannah meets with her informant and wants to know about Patrick Lloyd. It is revealed that he inherited a fortune from his father and runs the former multi-million dollar corporation called Browning Reed. Lloyd is now a political player working against the United States government. Lloyd reveals that he helps veterans and will not allow Americans to fall apart under the weight of their own government. They realize that Lloyd is part of Pax Americana and is looking to overtake the United States government through a grassroots movement.

Hannah arrives at her motel and realizes that something is not right; someone has been in her room. While trying to get back to her car she is stabbed in the neck and carried off by a bunch of unseen men. It is later revealed that Nassar is one of those men behind her attack.

The White House Leak is Revealed!

Abe Leonard meets with an informant in the shadows who is later revealed to be Jay Whitaker, the Homeland Security Adviser.

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