It’s been no surprise that both ratings and music sales forĀ Glee season 3 have not as high as they used to be. Season 2 may not have been as well received by the fans and critics, but the emphasis on modern pop songs helped the show stay on the charts, including on iTunes. Season 3, on the other hand, has included a mix of both modern and older material as well. With not as many eyeballs glued to their TV sets watching Glee, it’s obvious that not as many will be downloading the music either.

But what do you know, Michael Jackson is here to save the day! The recent Michael Jackson tribute episode, ‘Michael,’ provided the highest ratings of the season so far with 9 million viewers. And now we know whether that good news has carried over to the music sales as well.

To put it simply, it certainly has. Perez Hilton has the stats: “With their ten tracks, all MJ themed, the show sold 405,773 new tracks at iTunes and all are in the top 30 of iTunes Top Songs Chart. The largest seller was Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin‘s cover of ‘Smooth Criminal,’ selling 108K all on its own. In fact, it ranks as the 3rd highest debut for a Glee song so far in season 3, behind ‘We Are Young’ and ‘Rumour Has It’/’Someone Like You.'”

After giving the Madonna tribute its own soundtrack EP, is anyone else disappointed they didn’t do the same for Michael Jackson? They really should now, especially after this fantastic news.

Did you download any of Glee‘s Michael Jackson covers? If so, which were your favorites? And are you hoping this boost in both ratings and music sales will help the show going forward, or was it just temporary?

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Jeff Dodge

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