The Glee Project Winner Samuel Larsen’s Debut

Rachel’s dads will be making their Glee debut next week. And there will be another guest star appearing in the same episode. We will be seeing yet another contestant from Oxygen’s The Glee Project. After Lindsay and winner Damian, the other winner, Samuel Larsen, is up next. Ryan Murphy stopped by Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night and divulged that Samuel would make his debut in the Valentine’s Day episode, “Heart.” And guess what? Murphy revealed that he’ll be performing two songs in his debut episode!

Graduating Characters

But let’s not forget about our core cast. We don’t have much on this front, but Murphy was asked about the graduating characters on the Andy Cohen-hosted show last night as well. When asked what would happen to them, he simply relied, “I will plead the fifth on that.” Guests Murphy and Sarah Michelle Gellar were playing a game called Plead the Fifth.

Madonna Redux?

Would anyone care for another go-round with the music of Madonna? Apparently, Murphy does, as he mentioned that he wants to do another episode devoted to the Material Girl. But he said something in passing that is actually big news: “I wanna do another Madonna episode, but I want Madonna to be on it. … She said she would do it. I think that’s what I want to do.”

I know “The Power of Madonna received mixed reviews, but it turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of Glee, and I love listening to the soundtrack. Having said that, I’m not sure if having a Part 2 is the best idea. He said that Madonna agreed to be on if they do it again, which is huge news, but I just don’t know about this. Would she play herself? That wouldn’t be very realistic, unless she was a judge at one of the competitions.

What do you make of all this news? Excited about Samuel Larsen’s debut? Do you wish Murphy had not pleaded the fifth and instead divulged some secrets on the “revolutionary” idea he has for season 4? And what about another Madonna episode: yes or no?

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