First, the bad news: We still have a long wait ahead of us before Bones returns with new episodes sometime this spring.

Now, the good news: We have a whole lot of Bones spoilers and news to tide you over until that far-off date.

WARNING: There are spoilers and stuff in this article. Read with caution.

Baby, Baby…
At some point this season — hopefully sooner rather than later — we are going to get a baby on Bones. The birth is still super hush-hush, but we do know that it will happen in one of the first episodes to air after Bones returns from its hiatus this spring.

What will be the setting for the birth? Bones star David Boreanaz gave a tip on this when talking about the arrival of his fictional daughter, saying it would be “dangerous, unpredictable, scary, loud, somewhat disturbing, but yet with a sense of pine nuts in the air, cherry blossoms and a bit of chocolate.”

Make of that what you will.

Love Connections
Despite the arrival of Baby Bones in the near future, we probably shouldn’t expect anything as traditional as wedding bells for Booth and Brennan. Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan did confirm that the show planned to wed its stars some day. But that day isn’t coming soon. “I can’t see a wedding happening this season,” Nathan explained in an interview with TVLine. “At some point I think there has to be. But there are going to be so many problems they’ll have to deal with before that.”

Booth might have a wee bit of competition for the attentions of his lady love. According to a report from E!Online, an older man will express some interest in Brennan in an upcoming episode. The man in question is, however, described as a 75-year-old murder suspect. So Booth is probably going to win.

Love should work out better for Cam’s daughter Michelle toward the end of Bones season 7. TVLine reports that Michelle will be moving on from her high school boyfriend and ending up with the Jeffersonian’s newest squintern, Finn Abernathy.

Will Cam be OK with Michelle dating a young man with such a checkered past?

The Return of Bad Guys and Good Girls
Those viewers who were dismayed at the pre-hiatus lack of closure in the investigation of computer hacker and psycho murderer Christopher Pellant, shouldn’t worry too much. reports that the villain will return in an episode close to the end of Bones season 7.

I’m sure they’ll get him this time.

A much more positive character will also be returning in the second half of Bones season 7. A report from TVLine confirms that Agent Ginny Shaw (Tina Majorino) will return to help out Booth in his investigation following the birth of Brennan’s baby. We may even get some back-story on the character!

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Where do you think Brennan will give birth? Will they catch Christopher Pellant? When will Bones be back on the air? Leave your comments below!

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