On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, things turned violent at a Pillow Talk party hosted by NeNe Leakes. And NeNe took to her personal blog (meaning her blog not affiliated with Bravo) to blame Kenya Moore and the producers for letting things get out of control.

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“Everybody in the room was asked questions that were touchy because that was the basis of the game!” NeNe wrote on her blog.

She then went on to insinuate that things happened at the party contrary to what made it to the screen. Not only that, but she suggests that this party and the topics were cooked up by showrunners to make an interesting plot line.

“We all answered, including me and Gregg. We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress ‘what you thought you saw’ because there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control!”

NeNe then touched on Kenya, and her tardiness to the party(ness).

“Kenya arrived three hours late to the party! I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived!” she blogged, giving us even more insight into production. “Keeping it real is what I do! Some might call it messy, but see it as you may!”

Then NeNe went on to explain what “really” happened. According to her, it was Kenya who “charged out of her seat” at Natalie “but you couldn’t see that part, I wonder why?” After that it was Kenya’s “girlfriend in the red pajamas,” Brandon, who “jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started.”

“In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lit the fire,” she wrote. “Whenever she’s around, we have the worst times! I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show! I am all about a good read, throwing shade and even getting you together when need be but violence is never okay to me. I think it’s a sad display of behavior and I think it is sad to the black community to be a part of such negative activity! I am bigger, I am better and for that I apologize!”

NeNe not only thinks that it was Kenya’s fault for starting the fight, but that the producers clearly had an agenda to create some drama.

“Here’s a few questions I would like to ask you: why do you think they let Kenya narrate the whole fight scene? Why do you think they took the part out when Kenya was charging across the room? All the housewives would say we were having a good time! Why do you think they showed it as if we were not?”

While it makes sense that the producers would set up a conversation that would cause some trouble, it seems unlikely that they encouraged any kind of physical violence. And not only that, if they did have a bias while editing, it would probably not be actively anti-NeNe given that she is one of Bravo’s biggest stars.

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Gina Pusateri

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