On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra throws another over-the-top event, and it only serves to put a spotlight on her rocky marriage. Kenya continues on her quest to become a mother. Tensions build between members of the group as gossip circulates. And NeNe throws a party that quickly turns violent.

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A Red, White and Blue Affair

Dwight makes his return looking like Charles Nelson Reilly in glasses just big enough to pull attention away from his floral blazer. Perhaps his prolonged absence is due to much-needed convalescence after significant plastic surgery.

It’s time for her second son “Mr. President” to be blessed in the church, and per usual, Phaedra is pulling out all the stops. The theme of the event (Inauguration) plays upon his nickname, but that doesn’t explain her idea of a presidential flash mob. I’m left to wonder how much of this extravaganza is being bankrolled by Apollo’s “income.” He’s allegedly had his hand in other people’s cookie jars and is facing charges related to fraud and identity theft. Why are so many RH husbands so shady?

She Said, She Said

NeNe’s throwing a co-ed slumber party, and in preparation, Cynthia has a discussion with hubby Peter telling him about Kandi’s little dig at the winery. Kandi swore that her comment about knowing things about Peter’s past but not believing he carried any of it into his relationship with Cynthia wasn’t meant to be shady.

But like a fine wine, the words have been bottled and taken home with Cynthia for her to share with her hotheaded husband. What Kandi was implying is unclear to both Peter and Cynthia. Cynthia doesn’t want a confrontation between Peter and Kandi to put a damper on NeNe’s evening, but that bus just left the station.

At a meeting about Kandi’s upcoming musical, Todd, back on the payroll, suggests Christopher Williams for a role. This is the man whose wife, Natalie, had to defend her relationship status to Kenya. 

Kandi fills Todd in on Natalie’s accusation that he’s an opportunist, that he “dates up.” Todd plays it cool, but after a while, you have to wonder that with all this smoke, doesn’t that usually mean fire?

In spite of being over group outings with these women, Kandi is going to NeNe’s party. Since the boys are invited, Kandi’s going to attend since she can bring her man.

Biological Clock

Kenya, who has chosen motherhood over psychiatric care, is moving forward with plans to do it on her own. She remains convinced that bringing a baby into her dysfunctional family will make things better. Being over 40 presents challenges and risks to any woman who’s trying to conceive. This is why Kenya visits a specialist. She does receive the news that, physically, some tests revealed some kind of diminished fertility, so now Kenya is determined to explore every option modern science has to offer to get herself knocked up sooner rather than later.

Superficial Insemination

Kenya takes Miss Lawrence along on a trip to the local sperm bank. It soon becomes clear this trip probably isn’t going to be terribly productive when the first thing Lawrence does is ask for any spare lube. While in the waiting room, an extremely handsome man enters and outs himself as a donor. So confident is he in the quality of his DNA that he slips Kenya his digits, the ones used to identify his sperm.

Kenya meets with the “keepers of the essence,” or the people in charge, and requests Michael Jordan or Obama sperm. They ask her what qualities are important to her, and her criteria regarding looks are incredibly specific, from height to the shape of his lips and nose.

Kenya is thorough in her research, checking out donor rooms and looking at a sample under a microscope. 

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A Prop Papa

In all of her planning for Mr. President’s party, Phaedra appears to have left Apollo out of the process. Their marital strain is barely concealed throughout the lavish event, as Phaedra pushes him to participate in her carefully choreographed charade, and he fights her every step of the way.

Pillow Talk

NeNe’s event is meant to bring the couples closer together. The guest list includes Mynique and her husband, Chuck, who is also Kandi and Phaedra’s ex. Also in attendance are Natalie and Christopher. Porsha’s not bound to get too intimate with her date, her sister.

The primary activity is a game called “How Well Do You Know Your Mate?” NeNe’s riled when Kenya is late. I don’t know why she hasn’t figured out wrangling these women is like trying to control a box full of kittens. To distract NeNe from her growing irritation, she starts the festivities.

Kenya finally arrives an hour late, and NeNe is now on a full-blown tear. Kenya must have taken a double dose of meds because she’s keeping it light despite NeNe’s insults and attempts to extract some remorse. I think Phaedra says it best: “Once a heathen, always a heathen. That’s why she’s Kenya Moore whore.”

NeNe’s true intentions are revealed when she calls out Kenya for the things she said about Natalie and Christopher’s relationship at the winery. It’s possible this wasn’t the course the evening was supposed to take, but NeNe is out for blood, so she cuts Kenya and throws her into the den of lions. She says the purpose is to clear the air so all of the men and women can be around each other.

Backed into a corner, Kenya comes out swinging, and when Christopher grabs Kenya’s arm, her escort, Brandon, goes into attack mode. I think all the talk of time spent in strip clubs or the stress of engaging in illegal activities amps up the testosterone in the room because soon Apollo starts pummeling Brandon. Christopher has to be constrained by Gregg and Todd while Peter tries to deal with Brandon and Apollo (with the help of production).

After it becomes obvious that NeNe will be paying for damages to a hotel suite, she confronts Kenya for getting up out of her seat and charging Natalie. Kenya argues that NeNe escalated everything, which is a fact that is hard to dispute.

NeNe’s intentions are questionable, but this retreat went from pillow talk to fight club in no seconds flat. At least the ladies keep their hands to themselves, for the most part.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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