Who in the polls had Mason Treadwell being the next person Emily reveals her true identity to? If you did, then was your next guess that he might be taking an extended vacation from the series shortly after his discovery?

I don’t want this to be the end of the Treadwell character on Revenge, because he is great at creating extra chaos for this show. He also is proving to have depth, because he is a sleazy writer, but he truly wants to cleanse his soul from his part in David Clarke’s fall. But he can’t offer up too many delicious storylines while he frantically types away in prison. If this is the wrap up for the Treadwell character, then he departs with a big bang.

Treadwell Finds the Truth and Keeps a Round Head

Treadwell gets the scoop of a lifetime by discovering Emily is actually Amanda. This is only after he almost leaves life with scoops of his brain on the carpet thanks to a crowbar wielding fake Amanda. I’m sure he would normally be ultra-thankful for Emily saving his life, if it wasn’t for the fact she then frames him for the murder of Gordon Murphy. Apparently, a long stay in jail isn’t so bad when given a promise of a bestseller.

Treadwell is such an intriguing character especially since he is full of sleaze, but deep down wants to see justice. How can the show keep the character going if Emily has him locked up until she fulfills her revenge plan? You’d think the revenge plan can’t really be accomplished before the finale of a show called Revenge. Of course, Emily’s plans don’t always go to perfection, and we may see Treadwell running about before even the Season 2 finale.

Did Kara’s Crazy Make the Graysons Fall in Love?

If a major character is going to be wrapped up, it is best for him to leave a lasting impression. Treadwell did exactly that when he reveals to Kara that David was actually innocent all along. We all know an unmedicated Kara is a dangerous thing, or at least you don’t want her giving you swim lessons.  The Graysons also probably aren’t big fans of her showing uninvited to their house and threatening to give them a makeover via a bullet to the head.

The hostage takeover may end up leading to some major plot developments. For the first time all season, Conrad actually seemed like a respectable human, and I guess that happens when you think death is your future. He defends his wife and seems to reveal the entire truth about David Clarke.  Or at least, his story seems to match up to what we currently believe. Even though he is one vile man, I thought it was sweet that he holds Victoria’s hand before what he thinks is his execution.

Is Kara outburst going to legitimately reunite the warring spouses? It also looks like the Graysons realize they’ll always be pawns for the Initiative and they may finally be planning to strike back.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if the evil Graysons eventually team up with Emily? I sense “Penance” was designed to make the Graysons appear a little more sympathetic, and show that the real enemy has always been the Initiative.

Aiden Finds Loves

The Graysons aren’t the only reunited couple on Revenge, because Aiden finally got his sought after sweet kiss from Emily. It seems the best way to a woman’ heart is ethering her mom and possibly ruining her best friend’s company. I also think Aiden’s intentions are pure, but that now makes me even more convinced the Initiative will make him fish food soon.

I Must Write About Nolan Because He Is Awesome

Aiden and Emily may be hooking up, but her best partner will always be Nolan.  It is a really sweet moment when Nolan sacrifices the future of his company, because Emily was the only family he truly had. Nolan is so selfless and I love it when Emily recognizes how much he has done for her. Hopefully, Daniel’s mass takeover of both Grayson Global and Norcorp doesn’t ruin Nolan.

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