The Walking Dead once again proves that if it seems really good, then it is likely incredibly bad. We take our first ever episode break from Rick and the crew, and follow Andrea and Michonne into the walled town of Woodbury. It appears many readers disagree with my assessment that Rick has become very dark, but I’m pretty sure most will join my “The Governor is Creepy Club.” Woodbury appears to be a nice and safe community, but the Governor will likely make the worst modern politician look like a saint.

No Fish For Your Aquarium? Why Not Use Human Heads

After a hard day at work, most people like having something that will help them relax.  The Governor loves looking at his tanks of human heads. Is there any purpose for this morbid art, or is this just the show’s neon sign-like way of telling us the Governor is kind of crazy?

This little scene also proves the Governor isn’t about protecting and caring for everybody. The tank with the pilot’s head would prove the Governor isn’t all that keen on nursing him to health. Did he kill the pilot so that he wouldn’t go looking for his friends? You’d think the bodies would be zombie feed before he’d make it back. The Governor may also just be really selective about who he wants to stick around Woodbury. The man likes to be in charge, and maybe the pilot wasn’t willing to play that game.

If that is part of the reason, how long will the Governor tolerate strong and independent women like Michonne and Andrea? He also claims they are free to leave, but he also hasn’t swung the gates wide open for them, either. Of course, things will get even crazier when Rick and company discover Woodbury.

Merle’s Alive

It isn’t any major discovery that Merle is back. I’m sure most saw the pictures or read the reports that he would be returning. I am a little surprised he is playing lackey for the Governor. It appears Merle is pretty loyal to him, and is only seeking information on his brother to appease his new boss. It also looks like Merle has no idea where Rick and company are now, which means I was wrong about him being the mysterious stalker from last week.

The eventual Merle and Darryl reunion should be intriguing. Darryl is the character who has changed the most since the start, and he has grown close to Rick and Carol. Will Darryl stick with his new family, or will he join his brother’s new group? Plus, Merle doesn’t appear to have forgiven Rick about that whole handcuffing incident.

Michonne’s Not a Woodbury Fan

Michonne doesn’t speak much, and most of her lines are something like, “Where is my sword? I want to leave.” It is probably fair to assume she doesn’t like her new residence. It is partly due to her being so independent, but she also seems to sense the Governor isn’t the benevolent leader he claims. I’m not sure she knows he is an “ambush unsuspecting soldiers and kill them for their supplies and then lie about it” kind of evil, but I don’t see her willing to do trust fall exercises with him, either.

Michonne is going to be one of the most intriguing characters this season. She seems incredibly close to Andrea, but still won’t reveal much about her past. Her armless zombie posse (and now headless) were once people she knew, but she isn’t willing to reveal the connection. The fact she uses those zombies to throw off her scent for other zombies is genius. She is emotionally guarded and tough as nails, but her loyalty to Andrea shows she has a soft side. She is definitely one of the more complex characters.

We got our first look at Woodbury, and we now must wonder if it is more dangerous than the wilderness full of walkers?

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Chris Spicer

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV