The latest Revenge is all about forgiveness and healing shattered relationships. Well, it isn’t much of a Revenge episode if it is all about that. It still needs deceit, betrayal and crazy. It has a rather shocking dose of heart and sincerity, and it seems like — gasp — some characters really have feelings. Is it actually true that not all hearts in the Hamptons are made of ice?

Kara Realizes Only Bad Mothers Drown Their Daughters

In one of the most heartfelt and sweeter moments on Revenge, Kara apologizes to Amanda for being a less than stellar mother. Kara also reveals that she wanted Amanda to think she was dead, because she knew her daughter was safer being away from her.

Of course, Kara is unaware that her daughter now goes by the name of Emily, and she does her entire confession in front of a stranger. Emily still hears everything, and I think we may have the longest streak ever of continuous episodes where Emily cries. Who wouldn’t be touched by a mother who you haven’t seen since she tried to make you hold your breath for over 10 minutes under water trying to build back your relationship?

Is Kara someone that Emily can trust? Will we actually see a mother and daughter tea? This relationship is likely to have many more twists, but can Kara be any worse of a mom than Victoria? It might be nice for Emily to actually have a relationship that can be borderline healthy for a change.

Is Emily Actually Becoming Nice?

It appears a mother asking for forgiveness for attempting to murder can really improve a person’s attitude. Did anyone get butterflies in their stomach when Emily let Aidan know that she cared about what happens to Nolan?  After all the beatings and kidnappings that Nolan endured, it is nice to see she is finally appreciating the poor guy. Sadly, Aidan doesn’t have the same feeling, and it looks like he and Daniel may be dropping some awful news on poor Nolan soon.

Emily’s ultimate sign of actually having a heart is her confession to Amanda that she lied about Jack not being the father. Considering Emily was partly responsible for Amanda’s balcony plunge, she owes Amanda the truth. It appears Emily is finally realizing who she can trust and who has been very loyal to her. I still think Amanda is crazy, but she really has never purposefully harmed Emily. Amanda even wants Emily to reveal the truth to Jack, which shows she cares for her (even if Emily’s crazy plots almost lead to her death).

Mason Treadwell Returns with a Vengeance

The return of Mason has absolutely nothing to do with the forgiveness theme. He may eventually be begging for forgiveness after Emily gets a hold of him, but for now, he is out to make things a little crazier. Mason confronts Amanda and accuses her of being a fake Amanda Clark.  Of course, we all know he is right, but until now, none of the dangerous people seemed to know this dirty little secret.

It looks like Mason is ready to cause a storm of chaos, but it isn’t clear what he plans to do with his revelation. Mason also isn’t just out to ruin Amanda’s life, because he was just as happy to threaten to reveal some of Victoria’s dirty secrets, too.  Mason isn’t the most likable character, but he definitely promises to make the next while even more exciting.

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