The Walking Dead delivers an emotional punch to the gut. You definitely can’t criticize the show for not doing anything. We just got hit by the most heart-wrenching and shocking episode of the series. it is official that no character is safe on this show. Did anyone predict what happened tonight?

Congrats, You’re a Father and, Um, a Widower

Lori’s dead. I realize some fans have been begging for this to happen since the very first episode. I think even the most cynical fan has to keep the tissues nearby. Before the zombie prison invasion, Rick shares a smile with Lori and we finally see that he still has feelings for his wife. This ends up being the last thing he ever gets to share with his wife. A prison overrun with zombies is an awful place to deliver a baby, especially when your only option for delivery is an untrained girl with a dagger.

Carl is rated as the most annoying character right behind Lori. In this episode, they become the most sympathetic and it is heartbreaking watching a preteen Carl witness his mother die. The worst part is that it is a world in which the dead come back, and so Carl needs to shoot his own mother to prevent that. This scene is the biggest symbol of hopelessness in this world.

In one of the most powerful moments in the series, Lori gives some final advice to her son. She is clearly overtaken with guilt over her affair with Shane, and makes her son promise that he’ll never do anything that doesn’t feel right. Lori leaves the world a brave woman, and her final moment with Carl will go down as one of the most memorable scenes ever on the show.

This death is going to have some unbelievable repercussions. There are now two children without a mom. Carl now must carry around the memory of seeing his mom sliced open and then having to shoot her in the head. Will he be bitter towards his new sibling? Will he have fury towards his father for not being there? It is safe to say that Carl is officially done with childhood now.

The second most heart-wrenching scene of the show is Rick discovering Lori is dead. The man is an emotional mess, as any husband would be. He also hasn’t talked to his wife for a long time, and their relationship was fractured. It is clear Rick still loved her dearly, and now is being plagued with guilt and heartache. This event will likely transform Rick even further, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can maintain the role of leader. 

Lori’s death is a monumental shocker. We always knew anyone had a chance of dying in this universe, but most would have predicted Lori pushing on for a few more seasons. This loss impacts the entire group, but will trigger massive character developments in the Grimes men. It also proves The Walking Dead has some emotionally powerful moments.

I Knew Something Was Up When T-Dog Was Given Lines

Lori isn’t the only major casualty. Okay, T-Dog’s death isn’t as shocking since half the time you’d forget he was even on the show. In the first half of the episode, I’m happy that T-Dog finally has a storyline (wanting to allow the prisoners to join the group), but then it’s clear he has all these lines because it is his final appearance. T-Dog goes down a hero, as he sacrifices himself and his neck (literally) to save Carol.

But does he actually save Carol? All that remains of Carol is her head scarf. Is she a zombie buffet, or does she discover the power of invisibility? The crew seems to think she is history, but the show leaves enough doubt to make you think she might still have some time left.

Andrew Didn’t Like His Time Outside

It appears Andrew, the guy Rick chucked outside a few episodes back, was the mysterious stalker. He’s not too impressed with Rick’s strategy of forcing him to have quality time with walkers. Even though he ends the show with a bullet lodged in his head, he gets a significant amount of revenge considering his actions lead to the death of two members.

Andrew’s attack also allows Oscar to save Rick, and proves his value to the group. I’m assuming his act will be enough to allow him and Axel to cancel their trip out of the prison. Hopefully, both Oscar and Axel end up become interesting characters, rather than zombie fodder.

Governor Can’t Be Trusted

Michonne confronts the Governor on the bullet-riddled vehicles and the soldier’s inability to survive a zombie attack. She essentially figures out the Governor is untrustworthy, but he also seems to be seducing her gal pal, Andrea. It looks like Michonne and the Governor are preparing for a battle over Andrea’s soul. At this point, Governor’s big move is to reveal his real name — Phillip — while Michonne mainly makes scowling faces. I’d consider the Governor ahead at this point.

This is a huge episode with major plot developments. The only thing we’re really going to be talking about for the next week is Lori’s death. This was massive. The Walking Dead is in store for some titanic changes.

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Chris Spicer

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