Last week’s Sons of Anarchy ended with two crashes and lives on the line. Gemma walked away from the crash with a few scratches, but will the boys survive? And, Jax and Chibs were run down unscathed, but who was behind their attack? Answers to those and other outstanding questions are revealed on tonight’s “Ablation.”

Spoiler alert: This preview contains some Sons of Anarchy spoilers for tonight’s episode. I don’t reveal any huge spoilers, but read at your own risk.

Jax has quite a bit on his plate. When dealing with one of the guys who ran them off the road, Tara gets the call that Gemma was in a car crash with the boys. They rush off to the hospital to be there for their sons and find out what happened. And, that is just in the first few minutes of the episode.

Jax must navigate through the intricate web that’s been created around him to ferret out the truth.

Here are some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Gemma gets a temporary reprieve from the wrath of Jax and Tara over the crash when Clay covers for her.
  • Not too much of a surprise – the boys don’t suffer any permanent damage from the crash.
  • Jax goes to both Unser and Pope for information on the guy who ran him and Chibs off the road. The evidence continues to point in one direction – an inside job.
  • Frankie Diamonds shows up and puts lives in danger.
  • Eli offers Jax a deal. If Jax turns over those responsible for the robberies and his wife’s death, Eli will tell Jax who the rat is at the SAMCRO table.
  • Juice and Clay bond in an unexpected way.
  • A member of SAMCRO is taken hostage with a distressing outcome.
  • Gemma has a difficult no-win decision to make.
  • People die.

“Ablation” is another roller coaster ride of an episode. The world seems to be crashing in on SAMCRO, will Jax be able to make it all right?

Check out the trailer for “Ablation.”

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on FX.

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