Revenge has finally revealed where Emily’s mother has been. Most shows would have tried to squeeze this mystery out for an entire season. Revenge is the TV show equivalent of a 12-year-old child who just chugged five bottles of Coke. The pace of this show has always made a cheetah seem slow, but this season has made it a goal to drop about 10 plot twists an episode. So we shouldn’t be surprised that this reveal has already happened, but how could we have predicted what she had been up to?

The White Haired Assassin Was in Love

Did anyone think the cold and calculated killer had any room for things like love? Who would have thought that love would have been for Emily’s mom? Apparently, those two love birds also found time to run a motel. A motel that seems to be near the Hamptons, but obviously, it was too run down to ever be graced by any of the main characters. Actually, considering how snobby the Graysons and crew are, a dismal motel is probably the best place ever to hide the mother.

Based off the phone message Emily listens to, it sounds like her mother and the white haired assassin (whose legal name we discover is Gordon Murphy) were in a serious and mutually loving relationship. This makes Murphy’s attempt to kill Emily last week even more disturbing and sadistic. The man was willing to kill the daughter of the woman he loves? Was he going to drop that news on the mother right after serving up some scrambled eggs?

It looks like everyone’s favorite white haired assassin is much deeper than we believed. Did he have devious means for keeping Emily’s mother or did he sincerely want to protect her from the Graysons and the organization he worked for? The man was also keeping drugs that likely are being used on the mother. Is the drug use a way to help keep her disorder under control or is it a way to control her? It seems that Murphy may have really been trying to protect the mother, because kidnappers typically don’t just walk around with watches with pictures of their victims. It is still a mystery why the mother has willingly been with Murphy, and if the drugs in his pocket will lead to a bigger story.

This isn’t the only insane relationship on Revenge.

Now We Know Why Emily Is So Bad At Love

Emily wasn’t living the single life her entire time away from the Hamptons. Aidan, Takeda’s favorite lackey, once exchanged spit with Emily and they seemed to be in love. Aidan then did that jerky boyfriend thing of abandoning his girlfriend so he can find his lost sister. Emily takes the breakup pretty hard, since she thanks Aidan for saving her life by whacking him in the head and throwing him in a dumpster.  My guess is that Aidan will prove to be an ally for Emily, but at some point he’ll take an extended dirt nap.  He obviously can’t get in the way of the eventual Emily and Jack reunion, right?

The Grayson Charade Continues

The Graysons are back to playing happy family for the camera. It appears they really are all intent on wrecking each other’s lives. Charlotte reads a fake diary that leads her to publicly confront her mother. I’m wondering what Emily’s ultimate goal is for her poor sister, whose emotions have been treated like a ping pong ball this season. Victoria may be living with Conrad, but still seems intent on watching him go down in glorious flames. In one of the more intriguing parts of the episode, Daniel has been coached by Emily to play the “Victoria game” and is going to play loyal son while actually planning revenge.  Is it actually possible Daniel doesn’t get suckered by his parents this season? Meanwhile, Conrad is still one of the most despicable fathers and husbands ever.

A Mysterious Organization Out for Blood

The white haired assassin’s employers and the organization actually responsible for the terrorist actions that ruined David Clark’s life look to be ready to make some major plays. They’re out to get Murphy, but that is hard to do when he is already dead. It seems inevitable that they’ll eventually be crossing paths with Emily and making her life even more difficult. The sweetest of justice would be if Emily can trick the organization to permanently take down Conrad. No matter what happens, I’m sure we will be seeing new members of the organization very soon.

Nolan and Emily Share a Sweet Moment  

This episode has tons of crazy, plot twisty moments, but my favorite is Emily thanking Nolan for all his work. Nolan has been an amazing friend for Emily, but she usually treats him like dirt.  The scene feels like a send-off for Nolan, since he has become tired of being choked out and threatened with death. There is no way Nolan is actually off this show, especially since they have a relationship brewing between him and Padme.

Jack’s a Magnet for Crazy Relationships

Jack has been a little mopey and annoying this season, but you still have to feel bad for the guy. He can’t trust the mother of his future child. His brother has become a thief. He now owes a mysterious favor to the guy who promises not to press charges on Declan. You could say that he helps make his life easier by dumping Amanda, except Fatal Attraction has taught us life never gets easier when you break up with the crazy chick.

I really need a map to figure out where this show is going. You can never blame Revenge for being dull, at least.

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Chris Spicer

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