So a trans individual takes advantage of this drugged city council member, a pregnant woman gets shot in her stomach and some guy casually keeps a severed thumb and boob in the same house he raises his toddlers. No, that’s not my version of “The Aristocrats!” joke. It’s this episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s plot and definitely the raunchiest installment to date. Seriously, if you don’t need a shower after watching it consider getting mental help.

Let’s Awkwardly Transition to the Awkward Trans Part

Things started off innocently enough. SAMCRO’s finds their new business partner Nero a perfect location for his brothel. Too bad Charming’s mayor owns the property, and he’s surprisingly not keen on turning it into a whorehouse. Mister Mayor finally agrees he’ll change his tune if the Sons help pass his Charming Heights initiative, currently blocked by one city council member’s vote.

Logical solution would be simply threatening said city council member with physical violence until he changes his mind. The Sons of Anarchy solution? Drug the guy, dress him in bondage gear and have a transexual (played by The Shield‘s Walter Goggins) ride the poor fellow. Catch the whole thing on camera, threaten him with releasing the pictures if he votes the wrong way.

I’m not one for pearl clutching, but there’s so much wrong with that we need a special section about how awful that actually is.

Why That’s Messed-Up

– Said transexual/civil servant never consent to sex, as one of them is unconscious. That makes things a bit, shall we say … rapey. In fact, no, it’s rape. It’s presented as a hilarious over-the-top scenario, and features rape as something funny. Just sayin’.

– So media representation is a big deal to some members of the LGBTQ communities. Maybe consider this before having one of (if not the only) genderqueer character on SoA be a whore who forces themselves on a civil servant.

– The whips used by aforementioned trans prostitute look cheaply made and low quality. Surely a true professional would have better tools for their trade.

A Miscarriage of Justice

It’s okay though, because following that Sheriff Roosevelt’s wife gets shot in the stomach during yet another home invasion. Wait, that’s not okay either. It does push Roosevelt and SAMCRO into becoming uneasy allies, as now they must work together to end Charming’s robbery problem. Though this part seemed like gratuitous shock-value focused violence, it does definitely advance the plot. I’m really excited to see where this goes next episode.

Jax’s Home Life Gets a Thumbs Up

Sons‘ final “that’s so f#@$ed up” moment is also its most well-done. Jax comes home and sees a scene of domestic tranquility. Tara and Gemma are asleep on different couches, with his mother tenderly holding Jax’s son Tommy. It’s cute. Then Jax discovers a cooler sitting on his kitchen table. Remember that thumb and breast required for proving Nero’s errant hooker Emma was dead last episode? Yeah, that’s in the cooler resting one room over from some sleeping kids. It’s a great way of driving home Jax’s struggle balancing raising his children and his violent criminal life. Well done, SoA. Well done.

Okay, so this episode won’t make any Game of Thrones fans queasy with its sexual or violent content. However, some of its raunchier content is starting to feel really gratuitous. For the most part, none of it advanced the plot and seemed simply there to shock viewers. Do you feel Sons of Anarchy has gone too far with its almost absurdly high levels of raunchiness? Are you loving its objectionable content? Comment and let us know!

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Daniel Mikelonis

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV