Amanda learns that it’s dangerous to go against the Graysons. Meanwhile, Emily and Aiden get blindsided, and Daniel tries to take control of matters. “Intuition” airs on Sunday, October 21 at 9pm on ABC.

#24 Crazy Mama Clarke is back in town! That cannot be good.

#23 Jack looks concerned and is alone at the hospital. Is Amanda OK?

#22 Declan arrives, looking scared.

#21 Jack fills in Declan on the situation.

#20 The brothers bond.

#19 This must be bad.

#18 Victoria is at the hospital too?

#17 She even looks upset.

#16 Did Charlotte bring her along?

#15 Charlotte and Declan have a reunion.

#14 Could these two kids make it work again?

#13 Awwww… He gave her his coat.

#12 Tragedy sometimes brings romance.

#11 Does the doctor have some news?

#10 Whatever news it is, it does not look good.

#9 Has something happened to Amanda or to the baby?

#8 Or has something happened to both of them?

#7 Emily looks upset. Is this her fault?

#6 So alone in this time of suffering…

#5 Jack has gotten some bad news.

#4 He tries to be stoic about it.

#3 That does not last.

#2 Is Charlotte worried that she will not become an aunt?

#1 Or is she (like Emily) more worried about Jack?

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