Yes, we have already learned that Victoria isn’t dead, but this week is her unexpected “coming out party” for everyone else. Her return isn’t the most happy of occasions, but then again, when is anyone ever happy in the world of Revenge? Victoria’s “resurrection” does stir up all kinds of crazy, and that is something we expect on this show.

Victoria’s Master Plan

If anyone actually has an idea what Victoria is up to, then you deserve a golden cookie. Emily always suspected that Victoria was lying about building a case against Conrad, and now her recent resurfacing seems to prove she wasn’t being kept hidden by the government. At one point, it looked like she was planning to disappear with Charlotte, but she changed her mind far too quickly for that to be the entire master plan. Her latest plan switched to Conrad beating her up and framing everyone’s favorite white haired assassin. Despite teaming up with her husband, she likely still wants bad things for Conrad, but something even more sinister must be brewing in that evil mind of hers.

Charlotte the Pawn     

This week further cements Charlotte as the most sympathetic character in the Hamptons. I want to believe Victoria’s intentions are pure, but she seems just a little too concerned about how much her daughter is worth. Conrad continues his legacy of “Worst Dad of the Millennium” by destroying his daughter’s reputation so he can steal his inheritance. Amanda does seem to want to connect with her sister, but beginning that relationship by throwing her a pack of lies isn’t the greatest way to show love.

The Amanda and Charlotte relationship is sweet, and Amanda likely does really love her, but I’ve got a feeling that the revenge plot is going to fling more harm to poor Charlotte’s way. It’s cool that Charlotte is so excited to discover she is an aunt, but it sucks she is actually celebrating the birth of a stranger’s baby. I really hope Charlotte gets to enjoy a few moments this season of not being a pawn.

Daniel Proves Me Wrong

Last week, I claimed Charlotte was the only good person from the Grayson clan. Daniel steps it up this week and fights to protect his sister.  He not only rescues her from the hospital, but he does the noble thing by giving her his half of the inheritance. Daniel will end up getting manipulated by his parents again, because that is what he does best. He’ll end up doing something that will cause TVs across the country to get damaged by thrown remotes. He proves this week that he does want to do the right thing, and his heart is good. The Grayson parents may be the ultimate villains, but they somehow raised virtuous children. Even if those kids get so easily duped.

Obviously, Daniel is still totally in love with Emily. Is the feeling mutual?  Or more important, was it ever? This week seems to prove that Emily’s flame is still burning strong for Jack. Because why else would she mess with fake Amanda’ head by lying about the actual test results? Despite Emily’s love for Jack, I’m predicting she’ll reunite with Daniel, even if it is just as a way to get closer to the Graysons again. Speaking of having a significant other to further top secret plans, is anyone else getting the vibe that Ashley is using Daniel?

Declan Needs Money

I’m only mentioning this storyline because I feel like I need to mention one of the main supporting characters at some point this season. Declan looking for money and keeping the other guy’s jewelry seems like a random subplot. It’s likely this is setting us up for something much bigger down the road. Ever since Declan split from Charlotte, he has become a forgotten character. Hopefully, this storyline connects him back with the bigger plot and allows him to be likable again. I have a feeling that the rich kid is setting up poor Declan, but why?

Don’t Forget Nolan’s Ho-Hum Story Arc

Speaking of stories that seem pointless but hopefully lead somewhere: Nolan hires a CFO. Apparently, billionaires like to hire completely unqualified CFOs, as long as they’re really good at nagging. The interaction gives a budding romance vibe, and his hire is incredibly cute.  But isn’t Nolan gay?

Jack’s a Daddy

Or at least, he is if you ask him. Amanda thinks it is someone else’s baby. Emily believes it is her duty to mess with as many lives as possible. The story is clearly that Jack and Emily want to be together. I am sure many fans are rooting for that hookup. Can it really happen while Emily is busy destroying the Graysons and pretending she actually isn’t the real Amanda? The whole point of this story is likely designed to reaffirm that Jack and Emily are soul mates that just aren’t meant to be. Or at least, not until Revenge needs an episode to boost ratings during a sweeps month.

The White Haired Assassin Catches a Bullet with his Back

The white haired assassin has had a very busy run on this series. First, he was doing the evil bidding for Conrad. This season, he started out aligned with Victoria. Once she couldn’t pay, the big shocker was apparently switching his allegiance over to Emily. I say ‘apparently’ because partners typically don’t end their meeting trying to slice the other person’s throat. Lucky for Emily, Takeda’s lackey shoots him in the back. Of course, it has to happen before we can find out the whereabouts of Emily’s mother.

It does seem like Emily may now be the only person to know her mother is alive. The white haired assassin appears to be the opposite of alive. It is a bit of a bummer that Emily doesn’t get to exact her revenge against the man who murdered her father, though. Maybe she can shoot him for good measure next week.

You’ll need a spreadsheet to keep track of all the crazy that is going on on Revenge. It is building towards some pretty exciting reveals. I can honestly say that I have no clue what to expect next. I can’t wait to find out.

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Chris Spicer

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV