The wait for more The Walking Dead is quickly coming to an end. To tide you over the last few days, AMC has released a scene from the premiere episode and a season 3 trailer. In the months after leaving Herschel’s farm, the group has all survived. Will they all make it through the next journey? We’ll have to watch and find out!

Rick and the group have stayed on the move. Watch this sneak peek to catch up with them.

Interesting tidbits:

  • Carl sure has grown up! He still has his father’s hat and wears it with a sense of pride. It looks a bit cartoony, but at the same time, it works.
  • Rick trusts Carl to guard their location by putting him on point.
  • The group has been constantly moving to avoid a zombie herd of at least 150 zombies.
  • T-Dog speaks! And, more than once.
  • Rick wants to find a permanent location to hunker down. Hershel’s Farm 2.0?
  • Lori doesn’t look good. She’s just sitting in the front seat of the car looking depressed and unconcerned. What happened to Lori’s fire? Is she having problems with the pregnancy?

This season 3 trailer has clues about what’s to come.

Insight in to The Walking Dead season 3:

  • “Weapons, Food, Medicine, this place could be a gold mine.” — Rick talking about the prison
  • Glen and Maggie appear to still be together.
  • Lori is still pregnant as she runs holding her stomach. Not long until they have a little one to contend with.
  • Rick says he won’t give up the prison. “Spilled blood”? Does someone die?
  • Andrea is separated from the group and with Michonne. She thinks they are losing. She appears confused and perhaps injured or sick.
  • Andrea ends up in Woodbury with the Mayor. Is this a utopia? Doubt it!
  • Two opposites: The peaceful streets of Woodbury, compared with the zombie war happening at the prison.
  • After the group takes control of the prison, could they turn it into a Woodbury of sorts?

The Walking Dead returns for its season 3 premiere, “Seeds,” on Sunday, October 14th at 9 pm ET.

(Photo and video courtesy of AMC)

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