The boom of new reality shows has lessened in recent years. The old favorites of reality TV however is still rather dominant and continues to dwarf the ratings of their scripted brethren. Rather than treat the two genres of TV as adversaries though we decided to view them as allies. We wondered if some of our favorite TV characters existed in our world with our reality television which ones would they enjoy the most. So we took 10 of our favorite TV characters from scripted dramas and matched them up with the reality show that they would be best suited to join.

Olivia Pope from Scandal on Dancing with the Stars


After becoming “America’s mistress” (and releasing her crazy evil father from jail) Olivia’s public opinion has taken a not-so-graceful swan dive. Like all disgraced celebrities, Dancing with the Stars could revitalize Olivia’s career and make her just a little bit less hated. Of course it might more fun to imagine Olivia’s horrified reaction to someone telling her to go to Dancing with the Stars than it would be actually watch her on the show.

Oliver Queen from Arrow on Survivor


We get it Oliver, you spent five years on a hellish island with only one goal: to survive. You tell us every episode. How about you take those survival skills and actually make some money with them on Survivor. Since losing his family’s company, Oliver has been wholly reliant on Felicity’s income to keep himself afloat. He might have his plan for to become Mayor but that’s a little too deadly. While a million dollars is probably a drop in the bucket for Oliver and Felicity at this point, it would be a little bit of extra cash. Maybe they could use it on their upcoming honeymoon. This is of course assuming Felicity survives her current injuries, which she totally will.

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Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time on America’s Got Talent


Every year there are magicians on the summer reality series, America’s Got Talent. It’s all, we assume, sleight of hand, tricks and manipulations. There is no real magic, no matter how unbelievable it might seem to the casual viewer. Regina is an actual witch and there would be literally no limit to what she could do on the America’s Got Talent stage. When you factor in her natural stage presence and her never ending fabulous wardrobe, she’s basically won already. Plus, I kind of want to see her get fed up with Howie Mandel and turn him into something disgusting.

Liv Moore from iZombie on Hell’s Kitchen


It’s honestly disturbing how good Liv makes brains look on iZombie. Every episode when Liv eats a new brain, there is a quick cooking montage where Liv makes her meal of the day with the vital ingredient. It almost always looks delicious. Now her menu might be a little lacking in variety, but if any of Liv’s meals taste as good as they look she could be a serious contender on Hell’s Kitchen. Also if Gordon Ramsay gets a little angry with her, Liv does have that whole angry zombie rage mode…

Barry Allen from The Flash on American Idol


Sure Barry being on The Amazing Race would be easy. He is the fastest (or second fastest) man alive after all but it’s too easy. It would also be kind of boring and make the whole season about 10 minutes long. No, if Barry is going on a reality show it should be to exhibit his hidden talent, singing. We were only treated to one singular singing moment on The Flash when Barry sang “Summer Lovin'” with a very drunk Caitlin. We need more of it. There is more than enough evidence that Grant Gustin can sing from his years on Glee. To be honest, Barry’s current fight with Zoom should end in dueling duet of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. 

Booth and Brennan from Bones on The Amazing Race


Booth and Brennan have made their differences work for them. They are partners in both work and life. They have a happy existence, where they bring out the best in one another. The Amazing Race is perfect for breaking up supposedly happy couples or bringing them closer together. Now Booth and Brennan will probably end up being the latter, their relationship has gone for almost a decade but it would be fun to see them compete nonetheless. I don’t think them working together to solve crimes would translate as nearly as well to racing around the world and therein lies the entertainment factor.

Alaric Saltzman from The Vampire Diaries on The Bachelor


All the characters on The Vampire Diaries are pretty unlucky in love. Everyone’s terrible dating history really pales in comparison to Alaric however. Has Alaric had a serious girlfriend or partner who didn’t end up dead? At this point Alaric has to be pretty desperate he will find any woman and keep her alive long enough to marry. And where do people go when they are desperate for a spouse? The Bachelor

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Dean Winchester from Supernatural on The Voice


Dean has a fantastic talking voice, it’s the closest male equivalent to being sultry. Dean’s singing voice… well that leaves a lot to be desired. (It’s also much different from Jensen Ackles‘ actual singing voice.) Dean’s tenure on The Voice would be very short-lived. Blake is probably the only coach who even consider turning his chair around for him. It would undeniably entertaining though to watch Dean go out on the stage and give it his all, especially if he were to fail.

Klaus Mikaelson from The Originals on America’s Next Top Model


To date on The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, there hasn’t been an ugly vampire. It’s prerequisite if you’re going to live forever, essentially, that you need to be drop dead gorgeous. So reasonably anyone from this universe could make a decent model. No one on either show is constantly puckering for the (non-existent) camera like Klaus Mikaelson. He’s lived hundreds of years and he always looks like he is in a photo shoot, even when he’s viciously murdering people. Speaking of which, he might be the only person in existence who can threaten Tyra Banks and be a bigger drama queen. 

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