Week 3 of season 20 of The Bachelor saw another contestant bow out of the race. After LB’s refusal of Ben’s rose, everyone’s favorite “crazy girl” Lace left the Bachelor Mansion. Lace didn’t like what the show was doing her and decided to leave as a result. It was an odd moment of maturity for a person who has only been mocked by the general viewing audience so far. If Ben Higgins‘ comments are to be believed though, the mature Lace who quit the show was the real Lace all along.

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Among other topics Ben addressed Lace and her departure as a part of his post on his weekly blog at People.com. Ben is very complementary about Lace and her exit from the show but he’s also very honest. He admits that when Lace first pulled him aside he was nervous and who can really blame him at that point. It’s not like anything ever good happened to Ben when Lace pulled him aside to talk.

Yet as Ben mentions, he was also surprised and moved by how open and honest Lace was in that moment. He praises Lace for her vulnerability, calling their conversation one “that has affected me the most this season.” Ben went onto say that he hopes that Lace saying goodbye to The Bachelor was also the start of her saying goodbye to some of her personal demons as well. 

Ben ends his statement about Lace with: “We are all complicated and we are all humans who have problems, but the difference with you, Lace, is you are willing to admit it. Where in weeks previous people may have had a hard time relating with you, after last night we all can. You are beautiful, candid and courageous. The world would be better if we could all have a little more Lace in us. Lace, our relationship may have not worked out, but there is a man who will be lucky to call you his one day. Thank you Lace for never being anything but yourself.”

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While I’m usually against sappiness and saccharine words coming from a reality show star, I have to agree with Ben. I don’t feel bad for my part in making fun of Lace so far this season. She did do it to herself. No matter how nervous she was in front of the cameras, she chose to be on the show and chose to drink as much as she did. 

I also recognize that Lace shouldn’t have been on The Bachelor in the first place. It was the wrong venue for Lace to find a spouse and I think we can all respect her for recognizing that about herself. It might have taken her awhile but she figured it out. Now, Ben is going to have a very hard time trying to convince me that Olivia isn’t crazier than a bag of very hormonal cats… with cankles. 

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