Who knew it would take a New York housewife to stir the pot in this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (well, besides Bravo)? But it’s time for the ladies to say goodbye to Miss Bethenny Frankel and the Hamptons, and say hello to Kathryn Edwards and the old drama that comes along with her.

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The Trouble with Kim

In this episode, “Going Deep,” Kyle is testing out her pop-up shop in the Hamptons as a test run to see if her store is ready to open in New York City. Her aunt surprises her by showing up with a present of her mom as a child. Kyle’s glad to feel supported and connected to family, especially family that reminds her of her mom.

Eileen tells the other ladies that her talk with Lisa was weird; she even feels like she walked away offending her. Erika tells her that she has no reason to feel bad. She thinks people like Lisa Vanderpump press people for reactions, and it’s up to them whether they give her a reaction or not.

At the store opening, Kyle tells Bethenny how she came across a little rough to Miss Erika Jayne. In true Bethenny fashion, she’s apologetic, but not really. She says she was only trying to give her advice, but Kyle says unsolicited advice isn’t always accepted well. Oh, how wise Kyle is.

The topic of conversation among the other ladies turns to Kim Richards and her most recent arrest. Lisa Rinna doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it because Kyle’s her friend and she doesn’t want to hurt Kyle. But she doesn’t feel good about where she left things with Kim and even feels a little guilt for the part she played last season and that there’s been no resolution.

Girl Talk

At dinner later that evening, Ken gets mad because there wasn’t a place set for Giggy at the dinner table. Kyle should have learned from Adrienne Maloof that Giggy is always a priority dinner guest.

Eileen talks to Lisa again about their awkward conversation. She says she was just trying to tell Lisa about how she felt because she’d rather clear the air and not gossip about it with the other ladies. But Lisa still doesn’t understand that Eileen is a human with feelings as opposed to her British-bot personality.

The ladies get personal with their dinner talk. They talk about Brandi and how she’s one of the reasons Kim and Kyle aren’t speaking. Erika thinks they’re obsessed with Brandi based on how much they talk about her. Sounds about right.

Lisa Vanderpump asks what Kyle can do about Kim that would make her feel less tortured. Kyle says there’s nothing anyone can say or do that would make any difference. It’s not that she feels responsible for her sister; it’s the worry that keeps her up at night. She asks Lisa Vanderpump what keeps her up and, of course, Lisa claims to be the perfect being without any personal issues. She’s been through ups and downs with her kids and with her businesses, but at the moment, she’s doing fine. Kyle wonders if she’s only guarded around them or if she’s lying to herself about anything more serious.

Eileen talks about some things from her past and what she’s had to deal with. She says that she’s a survivor of a physically abusive relationship. She says no one would have ever thought that someone like her would be in a situation like that, but it can happen to anyone. She had her nose broken before she finally left her ex, and it’s still something that makes her emotional. But she wants to be an example to other people going through the same thing that you can come out of it. Lisa is puzzled.as to how Eileen could share information so personal but be offended by her asking questions about her affair. She doesn’t seem to understand that it was her rude prying that put Eileen on guard, not the content of the personal information.

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Ancient History

After the trip, Erika goes to pick up Yolanda on her private plane. Yolanda is touched that Erika went so out of her way to be such a good friend. No kidding! Who wouldn’t want their friend to pick them up on a private plane after surgery?! Anyway, Yolanda shows Erika the pictures of her defected implants. Erika is stunned but hopes that Yolanda can finally start to feel better now. It’s been hard for Yolanda, as an intelligent woman, to have people doubt her illness.

Kyle has the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick over to help her reorganize her closet. Kyle wants a big, romantic and dramatic closet. Newsflash: not everyone can afford (in money or in space) a Lisa Vanderpump closet.

Faye advises Kyle to reach out to her sister. She says if something even more serious were to happen to Kim, she would never be able to forgive herself. She shouldn’t shut the door on her sister, even if her sister is trying to shut the door on her. She says Kyle is stronger than Kim, always has been, and Kim needs her now. Kyle just doesn’t know if what Kim needs is for her to be left alone.

Lisa Vanderpump is throwing the Hero Dog Awards at Pump for dogs that can predict cancer. I swear she said this; I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

Lisa Rinna runs into her old friend Kathryn Edwards. She knows her from the ’90s and Kathryn is remotely connected to the OJ Simpson crowd (that also includes the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick). Apparently, Kathryn is a Housewife now because she’s getting confessionals. She says she’s an animal lover and she’s happy to be at an event supporting animals. She’s also married to a former NFL player who is nine years younger than her, a fact that she is very proud of.

The ladies go out for drinks after Lisa’s event. Kathryn talks more about how she knew Yolanda in their earlier modeling days, how she’s never had a boob job and how she’s really into football players. Wow. So interesting.

Anyway, Kyle brings up Faye, who Kathryn has negative feelings about. Kathryn says she doesn’t know Faye, but apparently Faye wrote a book about the OJ thing over 20 years and she’s still not happy about what she had to say about her in it.

There’s so little going on in this episode that this is what we’re resorting to? Because I could really care less about Kathryn and Faye and ancient (weird) history.

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