So much is happening for the Housewives! Bethenny’s new book is doing well, she’s getting a talk show, Gretchen is releasing a single … and none for Gretchen Wieners (Real Housewives of DC).

You’ve probably heard by now that Bravo announced its first official Housewives cancellation. The Real Housewives of DC has been canceled, making it the first Housewives series not to make it to season 2. Is anyone that surprised, though? [TVSquad]

So Bethenny is doing REALLY well. Her show, Bethenny Ever After, just got renewed for its third season. Her new book, A Place of Yes, is on the NY Times Best Sellers list for its second week in a row. And now, Bethenny Frankel is getting her own talk show! We don’t know much about it, but Bethenny is quite good at building a brand, so why not do a talk show? [RumorFix]

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Like Housewives before her, OC Housewife Gretchen is releasing a dance single. We got a preview of it on Watch What Happens: Live a few weeks ago, after which Gretchen insisted she didn’t use auto-tuning because she’s against it. They must have used something else, then. Oh well, it’s just as good as any other Housewives single! [PerezHilton] Have a listen to “Revelation” below:

(Image courtesy of Bravo)

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