It’s smart that they’re calling this a Watch What Happens: Live special, because I tried to watch last week’s finale episode and couldn’t really make it all the way through. I’m very interested to see how they do a live reunion show, though, and grateful that it can’t go on for more than an hour.

Maybe the season wasn’t long or explosive enough to merit a big, fancy reunion outside of the Bravo clubhouse? WHOA, Miss Lea Black has had some MAJOR work done. That might be the most exciting thing of the whole reunion. Seriously, Lea looks snatched. And incapable of facial movement.

They went over the Cristy vs. Lea thing, but I was still wildly distracted by Lea’s face lift. You could see the line where they snatched that face. It looks like a joke! I guess she looks younger?

OMG look at it!

Anyway, Marysol and Adriana called Cristy a liar. They were all yelling, like they were probably instructed to. Andy looked like he was LOVING it, which is really all that matters.

Andy tried to wrap it up and move on three times, and Cristy wouldn’t let him. Live reunion! It didn’t get the show off on a good foot, as the wives continued to interrupt each other over everything. Why am I watching this? Oh yeah, Lea Black’s face. And I was hoping we might get a sneak preview of The Real Housewives of New York City.

They talked about Marysol’s wedding, and her mom, Elsa. There was a weird moment when Marysol wouldn’t answer Andy’s question about what work Elsa has had done, and Adriana was like, “she’s 76 and she’s a mother, she doesn’t deserve to be retired?” What?

Then Adriana and Cristy went at it like, “where’s your mirror? where’s your mirror? You look like a man! You’re jealous! You give blowjobs to 19-year old guys! Be real!” Okay, so that was all Adriana, who really just flew off the handle on this live reunion. The seven-second delay censors had their work cut out for them.
Lea kept saying, “welcome to my world, Andy! Welcome to my world!” It was such a mess, and the best episode of RHOM that never happened.

There was some arguing about Larsa and Elsa’s non-confrontation at the dinner party. Shouldn’t Larsa know not to press a seer for a reading at a dinner party? Regardless of whether they’re psychic, a “head-tapper,” or “get vibes.” I think I like Marysol, and I don’t think I like Larsa.

Andy addressed the way Lea says something rude, then laughs at her own “joke,” and she defended herself with, “I just love to laugh!” That’s not the issue! Then she blamed her “timing.” UGHH.

Cristy wrapped it up best, I think, saying, “don’t give it two cents of your attention, who cares?”

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