The dances are done. It’s time for the reckoning. For the disappearance of one pair from the ballroom. For one couple to bite the dust, even more than Kirstie and Maks did.
But who will it be? We won’t know until tonight’s Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, but it’s time for the predictions!

'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Elimination Predictions

Most likely to go:
Wendy Williams (score = 15)
Maybe the score was lower than she deserved, but Wendy didn’t dance so well. She looked to be having fun, but I didn’t get any sort of story or message from the dance. This may be it for Wendy.

Most deserves to go:
Wendy Williams
I’m sorry to say it, because I like Wendy, but she very much deserves the next elimination. She is trailing the pack, and Wendy hasn’t given us any reason to keep her. The lesser popularity of some of the other dancers might be enough to save her, but I doubt it.

Should be worried:
Romeo (score = 20)
His performance last week will probably keep Romeo safe for the moment, but his low-scoring and unconnected rumba makes things a little dangerous this week. Romeo has talent, but he needs more consistency (and more viewer engagement) if he wants to stay put.

Sugar Ray Leonard (score = 20)
Sugar Ray is popular, charismatic and fun. But he’s not the greatest dancer. Viewers will probably keep the boxer around for another week or two, but only some serious dancing improvement will make Sugar Ray a champ.

Chelsea Kane (score = 23)
I think she’ll be safe. She deserves to be safe. But Chelsea’s happy, innocent (despite that bikini) dance didn’t have as much of an emotional draw for an audience that remains unfamiliar with the Disney star.

Probably safe… For now:
Kirstie Alley (score = 21)
No doubt this was her worst dance so far. Even without the crazy fall at the beginning, I don’t think this would have been Kirstie’s finest performance. But it was still pretty good, and she and Maks definitely have the sympathy vote for this week.

Kendra Wilkinson (score = 23)
While I still take issue with her expressions (or lack thereof), Kendra’s dancing has improved steadily over the three weeks of competition. Her rumba was excellent and sexy, certainly enough to keep her safe for another week of improvement.

Ralph Macchio (score = 21)
Ralph hasn’t been able to recapture his first week’s magic, but he’s still dancing very well. His rumba was sweet and so full of love that eliminating him would be a slap in the face of all that is good.

Chris Jericho (score = 21)
An always-beautiful song accompanying a truly emotional and moving story of loss? Add in Chris’ choice to dance under his real name for one night, and Chris should be fine. Not the highest-scoring dance of the night, but definitely one of the best.

No worries (this week anyway):
Petra Nemcova (score = 25)
Tied for the highest score of the night in a dance that expressed hope in the wake of unimaginable tragedy? Yeah, Petra will be fine this week.

Hines Ward (score = 25)
Could Hines be our season 12 frontrunner? This is the third solid performance from the football player, and the dance received the first 9 of the season. Hines is always fun, and the dances are always excellent. He’s not going anywhere (except maybe to the finals).

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Who do you think will be eliminated? Does Wendy have a chance? Is there someone else you’re ready to lose? Let us know!

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