Shedding for the Wedding‘s Sara Rue keeps up the romance with a new ABC Family movie that encompasses the borders of time, space and human emotion. She stars in My Future Boyfriend with actor Barry Watson, whose character travels to the past to figure out just what love is.

During a Q&A call with the two stars of My Future Boyfriend, Sara Rue and Barry Watson discussed how their characters got on with each other and what they learned from filming.

As there’s such great chemistry between the two of you in the film, was it natural for you all or did it take a little bit of time for you to find your footing?

Sara Rue: I thought we had great chemistry from the get-go. We flew into Atlanta for — we only had a day or two of rehearsals, and it — I don’t know. I just felt like it was a natural thing. We hadn’t met before we got there. You never know what you’re going to get, but I thought we were really lucky and just instantly had a nice repartee.

What was it about these characters that interested you in playing them when you first read the script?

S. Rue: Well for me, I loved the idea of playing a hopeless romantic, and I think at her heart, that’s what Elizabeth is. She writes these romance novels, and she’s kind of stuck in this wacky day job where she’s reporting, and then basically for her, I felt like her worlds were colliding. I thought that was fun to play because she couldn’t allow herself to sort through these feelings that she thought she was having for this strange guy from the future, and yet, she was having them.

Barry Watson: I think, for me, it’s pretty obvious with Pax — who wouldn’t want to play a character like Pax? He’s somebody that’s completely innocent and so new to this world that he’s come into. So every little thing is like a discovery, and it’s like being a child again.

What did you enjoy the most about filming?

S. Rue: I just enjoyed going to work every day because we got along so well, and it was such an easy, fun shoot. I think, honestly, it’s one of the best working experiences I’ve ever had. It was just so easy and everything just sort of flowed really nicely.

B. Watson: I think the greatest thing about it was Sara and I being able to work off each other and being able to play and make it not only, hopefully, more interesting for the audience but more interesting for ourselves and more fun for us.

Can you both talk about what you learned about true love after working within the theme of finding love?

S. Rue: I think “trust your gut instinct” would be, I guess, what I learned from the film and from playing a character who’s forced into this situation with this weird guy, and there’s something inside of her that’s like, “Trust him, and listen to him,” and her gut instinct is that this guy’s telling her the truth.

B. Watson: I think as we get older, people get more and more jaded about love, and I think if people still had that — like what Sara was saying, your first instinct. But it’s that innocence, I think, it gets jaded as you get older, but if you could still keep that innocence that you have when you’re young and you’re falling in love, that’s real. I think a lot of us don’t really accept that into our lives anymore.

Don’t forget to catch My Future Boyfriend when it premieres on ABC Family April 10 at 8pm.

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Shosanna Moore

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