This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe made her first play for television exposure outside RHOA. Now, with the announcement of Kim’s pregnancy, Kim and her boyfriend Kroy are looking into a spin-off of their own. Would Bravo even dare to call it Kim Getting Married?? Or would Bravo even get it at all? Is an Atlanta Housewife and an Atlanta Falcon TOO MUCH STAR POWER?

It appears that Kim and Kroy are shopping around their wedding/baby like it’s the next Lost. But I thought Kim didn’t want to get married while she was pregnant? Is this even about anything other than the opportunity for another TV show? [Radar Online]

Now that we know some of the Housewives are going ghost hunting, it makes me wonder what else they can do! Well in case the Real Housewives of Atlanta dissolve in the off-season and Kim’s spin-off takes root, we’ve come up with some spin-offs for each of the Atlanta Housewives.

NeNe Leakes: Get Your Happy Back
RHA happyback.pngOf all the Housewives, I think NeNe is the most likely to get her own show. Seriously, she makes RHOA. I would love to see NeNe do a travel show; some combination of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and Dirty Jobs. It would all be in the name of making NeNe do ridiculous, fun things. NeNe zip-lining, NeNe storm-chasing, NeNe meeting the Queen. It must happen!

Phaedra Parks: The Mysteries of Phaedra’s Baby
RHA mysterybaby.pngWhy does the baby look Chinese? How could the doctors have “different theories” about how far along Phaedra’s pregnancy was? Where did Phaedra leave the baby? All these questions and more will be answered in this mysterious special.

Sheree Whitfield: Careers by Sheree
RHA careers.pngIn this spin-off, Sheree would try different jobs each week. Some of them would be glamorous like the ones she’s already trying (actress, fashion designer, ballroom dancer), and some of them would not be glamorous at all (pig farmer?). One of the greatest things this season has been watching Sheree deal with discomfort, then rising above it to convince herself she’s superior. And Lawrence is there to help.

Cynthia Bailey: A Model Marriage
RHA modelmarriage.pngIf anyone should be getting a wedding spin-off with a skeptical title, it’s Cynthia, but we probably don’t care about her enough yet to watch it. Cynthia’s spin-off is simple, it should be about her life as a model! It’s exciting, interesting, and something we don’t see enough of on RHOA.

Kandi Burruss: Kandi’s Band Can
RHA kandiband.pngKandi already has a successful music career, and a webcast (“Kandi Koated Nights”), and we don’t really need another Fantasia For Real.  So I would like to see Kandi do some sort of Making the Band -esque talent search. She has the right connections and experience, plus Lawrence could come along for the ride. By the way, Lawrence should show up in most of these spin-offs just to keep it interesting.

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