After 11 weeks (that’s almost THREE MONTHS, you guys) of watching America’s Next Top Model cycle 15, we’ve finally reached the finale! Well, almost.

Next week, the CW powers that be will air the non-anticipated Top Model clip show, probably because they know we will all be too busy flying in airplanes or sewing elastic into our pants on Thanksgiving Eve to watch or care. But that’s OK. You know why? Because it gives us a whole entire WEEK to discuss which of the two finalists should win. And if I know you guys, I know that you LOVE a good, heated, overly emotional, bias-filled comment section debate about the relative beauty and walking skills of two teenagers whom you’ve never personally met, and you want that debate to drag out as long as humanly possible.

So: Your wish has been granted. And that’s what this thread is for. Pretend you are on the America’s Next Top Model internet judging panel, and it’s up to you to decide who wins the Vogue Italia cover, and the IMG contract, and the Covergirl deal, and eternal happiness forever and ever. It’s time to make your iChoice and defend it to the e-death: Ann or Chelsey? Chelsey or Ann?

But first, before you decide and defend your choice (you better BALEEV you need to defend it!) let’s run through the two finalists’ pros and cons from the show so far. Consider them points to consider as you make your choice:


  • She’s better in photo shoots. She’s gotten several best photos, while Chelsey has gotten none.
  • But when she’s not doing so well, she gets upset easily and shuts down.
  • Then again, Top Model is building her confidence and helping her blossom, so maybe the crying will stop after all this positive feedback and validation.
  • She’s got “it”–the judges are in love with her “weird” look and proportions, and think she’s more high fashion because of them.
  • She’s naturally gifted at posing, and those proportions are striking in almost every photo shoot.
  • She’s not as great on the runway, but if she could harness her awkwardness, she could be a force on the catwalk.
  • She’s new to the model scene. You might say that means she’s not ready. Or you might say that means she can be molded.
  • She’s shy and her personality isn’t bubbly. This isn’t so much a problem on print, but on runway and in video, it’s more obvious.


  • She’s a pro. She knows designers and how the industry works.
  • She’s older. You might say that means she’s more experienced and ready for the big time. Or you might say that means she’s set in her ways and is on her way out, career-wise.
  • She’s a better runway walker. This is just fact.
  • Ann might be killing it in photo shoots, but Chelsey isn’t far behind. She’s gradually shown that she is versatile, takes direction well, and is open and accepting of criticism.
  • She’s a bit of a chameleon–that can good or bad, depending on whether you’re remembering the fateful mermaid photo shoot.
  • She’s more “traditionally” beautiful than Ann, but still has a unique look. Her freckles, gap in her teeth and bleach blond hair are all bold, yet she takes on a variety of styles well.
  • She’s more composed and outgoing. If Tyra’s looking for “well rounded” and “the full package,” that’s Chelsey.

So, that’s my take. Honestly, I love them both, and I’d be happy to see either girl win, though my gut is telling me that Ann will walk away with the title on this high fashion cycle.

What do you think? Ann or Chelsey? Let’s talk it out!

And be sure to check out these photos from the finale:

(Image courtesy of CW)

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