Quantico is just a couple of episodes away from its second season finale, and the drama from episode 20, titled “GLOBALREACH,” certainly needs to be tied up sooner than later.

The episode kicks off with Clay and Claire Haas arguing over what to do next with the task force after they were caught in the act in an earlier episode. Claire encourages Clay to get his team together, but he isn’t confident that he even has a team left. He reminds his mother that Owen and Alex have gone MIA. She tells him to keep his attention off of her and put all of his efforts into defeating the terrorist group that the task force she created was meant to do. Apparently, that’s all he needs to hear.

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The Agents Go Their Separate Ways … Briefly

As for Owen and Alex, the last time we saw them, she pretended to be interested in joining the terrorist group so she and Owen could bring them down, hopefully for good. But in this episode, Alex is concerned that she’ll go in too deep that Owen won’t be able to rescue her — or that she’ll die.

Raina continues to pressure Clay’s friend Felix to do whatever he can to get Nimah out of jail. Nimah turned herself in while pretending to be Raina after Raina was accused of being involved in terrorist acts of her own. Their cover was blown in the same episode that the task force was exposed.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Shelby find themselves having a staycation together, wallowing in the fallout of the drama that seems to have overtaken their love lives. Shelby admits that she’s worried about Clay. This is understandable considering she made Clay think she slept with his brother and her ex, Caleb, after Clay declared his love for her. Ryan has a confession of his own when he reveals that he’s concerned about Alex. Their sleepover is interrupted when Clay pages them to meet them at headquarters.

The Team Reunites While Alex Flies Solo

Once there, Clay reminds them how “crucial” the next day is as Claire faces impeachment. But Raina wonders if they can move forward without Alex and Owen. Clay urges them that they can. So they work on doing damage control after Claire was accused of funding the attacks herself.

Alex meets with the terrorists, and they’re ready to move as soon as Claire is taken out of the White House. Alex is paired with Alice, who tricked Ryan in a previous episode and is the reason the task force was caught to begin with. But it looks like some members of the group are side-eyeing Alex with questions of where her loyalty lies. So they test her — first, with the CIA.

The agents set their sights on Henry Roarke, who is aiming for the presidency if Claire is booted. Raina comes clean about working with Felix, and they all let her know that he can’t be trusted. As if right on cue, Felix reaches out to Clay and wants to meet. But Ryan hopes to plan a meeting of his own and goes to find Alex and Owen.

Alex and Clay Get Played?

If he goes to the director of the CIA, Matthew Keyes, he’ll find both Alex and Alice because that’s the first stop they make. It doesn’t take Alex long to take the lead and attempt to coerce him into resigning and let them choose his replacement. She threatens him, saying that if he doesn’t resign, she’ll expose him for being involved in the task force. It’s safe to say that Keyes doesn’t take well to threats as he leaves the conversation but not before pointing out that he regrets working with Alex. He might not have been pleased, but Alice certainly was. It looks like Alex has gained her trust already.

Clay runs into Roarke instead of Felix and realizes he was ambushed. He says that if Clay exposes Claire, he’ll pardon him and the rest of the task force. Of course, it’s not that easy to get Clay to turn on his mom. But Roarke has another plan and hired a reporter to catch Clay at his office so Roarke can flip it and make it seem like Clay is supporting him. That’s all the ammo Clay needs to set up a plan against Felix.

Alex updates Owen on her run-in with Keyes. She seems to be having doubts after forcing her former mentor to resign. Owen lets her know that he’s got her back, but things get awkward when Ryan calls yet again. It’s clear that Owen wants him out of the picture, at least when it comes to her love life.

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Everything Comes to a Head and Goes So Wrong

Clay chooses Shelby as his partner-in-crime to overcome Felix. They both decide that Raina is too fragile, but they figure they can still use her without her knowing what she’s doing exactly.

Ryan finally gets hold of Alex and, considering Alice is nearby, she plays along and continues to pretend that she’s switched teams. But she stays on the phone long enough for Ryan to track her. Alex gets choked up when she’s talking to the FBI, so Alice takes over. She pretends to get a call from Miranda Shaw so she can escape to call Owen. She lets him know that she thinks Alice is playing her and might have used her to bring a weapon into FBI headquarters to make it look like Claire killed her enemy so the terrorists don’t have to wait for the impeachment process. Alex rushes to save the day and runs into Ryan, who catches her at FBI headquarters and, of course, agrees to help her.

Ryan vs. Owen, Shelby vs. Clay 

Alex realizes she’s in over her head and calls Owen, who isn’t happy to hear Ryan in the background. Alex wants to stop whatever attack Alice sneaked her into, but Owen says it needs to happen so the terrorists can think they’re in control. Ryan is determined to stop it, so Alex literally punches him in the face. It looks like Alex gets her second wind because she comes up with a plan that involves busting open the ceiling. The next thing we know, Alex meets back with Alice, and the two leave the building and whatever Alex did behind.

Shelby tries to meet Felix to expose him, but he turns the tables and mentions Clay. He gets a call from Raina. Shelby, Clay and their plan are soon exposed. Clay and Felix meet face-to-face and get real about their issues and even their failed friendship as Clay tries to warn Felix about Roarke. But Felix lets Clay know that he’s not completely innocent either and he wants both of them out of his life.

Ryan comes back to consciousness, which only leads to him, Alex and Owen going head-to-head. Ryan storms off just before Alex gets a call from the terrorist group. She confronts them about not telling her the whole plan but still wants to know what the next step is. He simply tells her that they keep going, which is something that makes Alex pretty uncomfortable.

Shelby and Raina’s disagreement also comes to a head as they disagree about Felix. While Clay is worried about losing everything, he admits his feelings for Shelby once again before he says goodbye. It’s not clear at first where he’s going. She doesn’t have to wait long to find out as Clay says goodbye to everyone before any of them can be taken into custody for treason. He takes the full blame and hands over the task force to Owen.

Introducing President Roarke

News headlines confirm the terrorist attack at FBI headquarters, while Clay tries to come to terms with his mother’s upcoming impeachment. Claire also wants to take responsibility for the attack at the headquarters. Alex meets with Claire to take the blame herself, but Claire won’t allow it. She tells Alex that she wants to resign before Roarke and anyone else can hurt others when it comes to getting control of the White House. She officially gives Roarke the presidency since she didn’t have a vice president.

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