Since he was conceived, Lucifer’s son has been a source of anxiety for the Winchesters. The British Men of Letters might technically be the main antagonists of Supernatural season 12 but Sam and Dean have been much more concerned about Lucifer and his progeny. In “The Future” Supernatural delivered a little bit of a curveball by having Castiel switch sides from wanting to destroy the baby to becoming his adoptive father. All of this happened because Lucifer’s baby showed Cas the future. Audiences were left out of the loop on Castiel’s vision, which leaves us in doubt if Supernatural did offer up a big twist or if Lucifer’s baby is just as evil as everyone assumed.

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 Why We Can’t Trust the Vision

Castiel is an incredibly beloved character but he also is very easily tricked. More than Sam or Dean, Castiel has been known to make some disastrous mistakes and to be manipulated into making the wrong move. As recently as season 11 Lucifer convinced Cas to let him out of the cage to defeat Amara and that started this whole sorry chain of events. 

It is entirely conceivable that Lucifer’s son was just as able to twist Castiel to his will as his papa before him. Lucifer’s son is quite a bit more advanced than the standard fetus so there is nothing to say that he didn’t know exactly what to show Castiel to twist him to his side. Communicating through glowing yellow eyes, giving the power to melt people and even bringing people back to life after a bloody suicide — none of the acts that Lucifer’s son pulled off in “The Future” exactly screamed benevolent force. If anything, they looked like the exact opposite. 

The biggest hint that Lucifer’s baby is up to no good though is that Sam and Dean were left completely high and dry. If one or both Winchesters aren’t involved that doesn’t usually suggest great things for someone’s plans. Sam and Dean aren’t just the main characters of Supernatural, they often serve as the audience’s point of view and moral compass. The audience, by and large, is supposed to side with Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean are definitely not on Cas’ side at the moment. The first thing that Cas did after receiving his vision from Lucifer’s baby was to part ways with the brothers. This could be due to Cas’ desire to protect Sam and Dean but it is just as possible that Lucifer’s baby wants Sam and Dean nowhere near him as he prepares to be born. 

Why We Can Trust the Vision

It doesn’t look great for Lucifer’s son becoming the savior of the world. Still, it might be the far better story for Supernatural to make that happen. Supernatural, and Cas, likely won’t be saddled with a baby for the conceivable future once Lucifer’s baby is born, whether he is evil or not. There aren’t going to be episodes of Cas and Kelly changing diapers and being exhausted with their little nephilim. Lucifer’s baby is going to have a growth just as accelerated as Amara and it might be interesting to have him be the exact opposite of Amara right off the bat. 

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Supernatural has finally secured Mark Pellegrino back as Lucifer. He was the best villain Supernatural had ever seen when he made his debut in season 4 and he has held onto that title ever since. Between Lucifer and the British Men of Letters, Supernatural doesn’t really need another super-powerful villain threatening the team. What Team Free Will does need is an all-powerful ally to help them balance the scales a little bit in their favor, like Lucifer’s baby. 

Speaking of Team Free Will, the unofficial nickname hasn’t been used much lately on Supernatural but the idea of what they stood for in seasons 4 and 5 still exists. Sam and Dean fought against their destinies during their original conflict with Lucifer. It would be only fitting for them to do the same with Lucifer’s son. The idea that Lucifer’s baby will be born evil and will always be evil stands in direct contrast to what Sam, Dean and Team Free Will supposedly represent. It would be much more fitting for Supernatural, and a better story, for Castiel’s vision to come true rather than it all to be a trick. 

The circumstances around Castiel’s vision are suspicious. It is expected that Lucifer’s baby is playing his uncle but that just means it would be a more exciting and surprising story for the opposite to come true. But what do you think? Was Castiel’s vision real? Is the baby evil or could it save the world? What do you want to see happen?

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