Did you ever think that Rumplestiltskin could ever be good on Once Upon a Time? Well, apparently his original fate was to be a Savior, as revealed in season 6. In this episode, titled “The Black Fairy,” Rumple learns his true fate and why he became the Dark One. Meanwhile, Hook, Snow, David and the gang try to find the rest of the wand to defeat the Black Fairy.

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A Savior is Born

Many years ago, Rumple’s mother, Fiona, gave birth to him. After he’s born, Blue and Tiger Lily arrive, and Blue says that Tiger Lily is his fairy godmother. Tiger Lily tells Fiona and her husband that the prophecy says that their child was born with great light magic and he is destined to be a Savior.

A few days later, Tiger Lily arrives to their home, and Fiona is mad after learning more about her son’s fate. She has learned that a child born with a crescent on their arm will eventually kill her son, who has yet to be named. She can’t bear the thought of losing her son, so she casts a spell and turns herself into a fairy.

Fairy Fiona and Tiger Lily search all of the babies for the one who will eventually kill her son. They can’t find the child, so Fiona tells Tiger Lily that she wants combine two ancient spells into a powerful spell that will create a new spell to fight the great evil, but they need to go into the fairy vault for the ingredients.

Inside the vault, Tiger Lily realizes that Fiona isn’t creating a spell but rather a dark curse. Fiona takes Tiger Lily’s heart to kill her, and she turns herself into the Black Fairy. The crescent shows up on Fiona’s arm, and Tiger Lily realizes that great evil wasn’t born; it was made. She tells Fiona that she and her child are destined to destroy each other.

Blue shows up, gives Tiger Lily her heart back and tries to stop Fiona. Tiger Lily gives Fiona the shears to sever her destiny. However, Fiona uses the shears on Rumple instead; this way, they can always be together. After she does this, Blue banishes the Black Fairy. Blue and Tiger Lily then bring Rumple back to his father, who is distraught over the loss of his wife. He gives his son the name Rumplestiltskin.

Learning the Truth

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple and the gang try and wake up Blue. Rumple is frustrated and feels as if his family is destined to be torn apart, but Belle has faith. As Blue comes to, they manage to find out that the other half of the wand meant to destroy the Black Fairy is located in the center of Storybrooke. However, before she can reveal more, the Black Fairy reveals herself in the form of Snow, and she disappears with Blue into the minds, where she tries to manipulate information out of her.

Meanwhile, Rumple stops Gideon from using his magic to go with the Black Fairy and ties him up. He and Belle try to find out where the Black Fairy is keeping his heart, but she has control over him. Rumple uses a spell to bring himself, Gideon and Emma into a dream realm where the Black Fairy can’t reach them. However, they aren’t in Gideon’s dream; they are in Rumple’s dream.

The dream starts in Rumple’s old house where he was born. Emma pries into his life, and he tells her that he doesn’t want anything to do with his mother. They then find Gideon, who tells Rumple that he doesn’t know where the Black Fairy is keeping his heart. He does tell Rumple that he needs to use the dream to find out the real reason that the Black Fairy gave him up, as he could possibly use that information about her back in Storybrooke. Rumple uses an old baby blanket to find out the truth, and he sees a vision of his mother in the fairy vault mixing the giant spell for her savior son. Then he wakes up.

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Getting the Wand

While Rumple, Emma and Gideon are in the dream realm, Regina, Snow, David and Hook search for the other half of the wand. At first, they try the clock tower and then realize that it’s at Granny’s. They find it under the jukebox, and then the Black Fairy shows up. She and Regina start to battle in the streets, but Zelena drives through and hits the Black Fairy with her car, that Regina gave her to eventually flee Storybrooke if things go south.

Regina is at Rumple’s shop when they wake up, and she gives Emma the wand. Emma tells everyone that Rumple is also a Savior and he’s meant to battle the Black Fairy. He goes to face her alone, where she reveals the rest of the story to him — the part where she severed his destiny with the shears and that he’s actually a Dark One now. She spouts off some nonsense about being together as a family again and asks if he can forgive her.

Something Brewing

Rumple heads to Granny’s and reveals a black heart, which he says is the Black Fairy’s. He says she’s been banished and will never bother them again. Snow is thrilled that Emma and Hook’s wedding can go on as planned.

Rumple then goes to free Gideon and give him his heart back. He tells Belle and Gideon that no matter what happens, even if it doesn’t seem like it, he will do everything to protect them and keep them together.

However, after everyone is safe in their homes, Rumple goes to see the Black Fairy, who is still very much in Storybrooke. She asks if everyone believed him, and he says yes and that no one has any idea of what’s coming. The Black Fairy then says that tomorrow is the day that Emma Swan, the Savior, must die.

So the final battle that they’ve talked about all through season 6 of Once Upon a Time is still happening. And perhaps Emma’s vision will come true and she will die. Honestly, the way it’s been built up, someone important should die. And then in true Once Upon a Time fashion, they can find a way to bring that character back at some point in the future.

It’s interesting that Rumple was born good and his mother turned him into the Dark One. That is definitely a twist I didn’t see coming. I am curious to see what’s up Rumple’s sleeve now. Why all of a sudden does he have love for his mother? Does he really believe her after all the lies she’s told him? Will he really turn on Storybrooke when he knows it could hurt Gideon and Belle? Or does he have a way to protect them while destroying Emma?

Do you think that Rumple will turn on Storybrooke or turn on the Black Fairy? What do you think his motive is behind “teaming up” with his mother? Do you think Emma will die in the final battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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