“Unforgettable” was a nice break from Spencer Reid’s incarceration on Criminal Minds. The last several episodes have been split between the team solving a case and Spencer dealing with prison. I liked watching Spencer in prison for a while, but it started to get old after several weeks. “Unforgettable” not only gave us a little break from Spencer’s prison life, but it gave us a glimpse into Stephen Walker’s past as well.

Stephen Walker and Luke Alvarez are both pretty new to the game. The rest of the team has been dealing with Scratch for a while now. It was interesting to see how Stephen has been dealing with Scratch from an emotional standpoint in his own time. After Stephen Walker joined the team, Mr. Scratch attacked and Spencer ended up in prison, so there has not been much of a chance for us to learn more about SSA Walker. We now know that he is married and has two kids, and we know a little more about what he used to do while he worked abroad. His former partner was randomly attacked by a serial killer on the streets of DC in “Unforgettable.” The killer used an irradiated poison to slowly kill her victims. The team hunted her down, while Stephen struggled with his best friends’ mortality. 

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Stephen not only has to deal with one of his team members being in prison but with his closest friend and former partner dying as well. I enjoyed learning more about him and his former life. “Unforgettable” also had some major breakthroughs in the Scratch case. Spencer finally remembered who was in the room when he was drugged. He sees her again when his mother unexpectedly comes to visit him in prison. The culprit appears to be Lindsey Vaughn, the victim of a kidnapping back in season 3. Her father was in protective custody and wasn’t exactly a stranger when it came to murder. Lindsey urged her father to shoot the man who killed her friend Katie. Perhaps that was the beginning of her thirst for blood. It has been a long time since Lindsey’s episode, so it was rather surprising that she showed up out of the blue. It is pretty weird that a victim who was saved by the BAU is now attacking them. We’ll just have to see what happens in the last two episodes of the season. 

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Was Lindsey Vaughn the one who framed Spencer Reid? If so, did she partner with Scratch on her own, or is she being controlled by him? Do you think Spencer’s mother is in serious trouble? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Brianna Odom

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