Now that we’re almost halfway through the first season of Quantico the mystery of just who blew up Grand Central is only becoming even more convoluted and hard to unravel. It seems the FBI pinned the act on the wrong person in Alex, but if she’s not to blame who is? There’s no shortage of possible suspects so let’s run down who might actually be the terrorist.

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Deputy Director Clayton

He’s leading the investigation of the Grand Central bombing and he’s already shown that he’s more than willing to hide evidence if it might reflect negatively on him. On the other hand, the evidence he was willing to hide was more salacious blowback on him than actually something that tied him to any kind of terrorist activity.

Shelby Wyatt

Shelby looks to be the all-American girl, but she’s got all kinds of ties to the middle east. She’s even been sending her half-sister money through a bank the FBI has identified as tied to terrorism. She’s also still getting calls from a mysterious phone number in Riyadh that hasn’t been explained away entirely yet.

We actually saw Shelby and her half-sister talking about the deed to the house Shelby was giving her half-sister money for, so that all seems to be on the up and up. She also seemed genuinely convinced Alex was the one who did the bombing at first.

Caleb Haas

Caleb was nearly thrown out of the FBI altogether simply because he was doing his job, that could have left him with a sour taste in his mouth. His relationship with his father, Deputy Director Clayton is also more than complicated and his family ties would give him access to what he needed to pull the attack off.

Caleb seems to be going hard after whoever did the bombing, as he’s been the one to turn up different pieces of evidence and video that have actually come close to clearing Alex. If he was the one who did it, he likely wouldn’t be working to clear the one who was framed for the bombing.

The Twins

Nimah and Raina have actually managed to infiltrate a known terrorist group. It’s possible they’ve been working with that group all along and have just been playing innocent. It’s also clear the two aren’t all that happy about the way the FBI has decided to use them. We’ve also already seen them treated as though they might be terrorists simply because of their descent. That might have been enough to push them over the edge.

It would be a bit too easy for Quantico to pick the Middle Eastern women as terrorists. The pair also knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the FBI. The terrorist group they infiltrated seemed to genuinely feel surprised when the twins double-crossed them, that wasn’t part of the plan.

Charlie Price

Miranda Shaw’s son has already done time for allegedly planning to shoot up his high school. He’s also got some real problems with his mom and it certainly wouldn’t be out his character to lash out. There’s also been talk that he has ties to some kind of terrorist group.

Charlie has maintained that he never really planned on hurting anybody and at one point, showed real interest in joining the FBI. It’s also not clear whether or not he has access to the materials needed to blow up Grand Central or how he would frame Alex.

Simon Asher

Simon seems to have the most secrets to safeguard, having started out his time at Quantico posing as a gay man. He’s also spent time in the Middle East and may have been turned. He also clearly has at least some ties to people who appear to be terrorists. At this point, he looks like the best suspect.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that this show loves to set people up to look one only to pull the rug out just when you think you’ve got a handle on things. Despite all the signs pointing to his guilt, he seems like someone who genuinely wants to be an FBI agent and do the right thing.

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The question as to who is the terrorist that blew up Grand Central isn’t one that is likely going to have an answer soon, so we have some more time to play detective right alongside the FBI.

Quantico airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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