While the Most Shocking Revelation Award on last week’s The Vampire Diaries certainly goes to Caroline with Alaric being her future fiance and the possibility that she’s carrying his twins with Jo, the dynamic between Lily and her boys is quite compelling as well.

In The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7, “Mommie Dearest,” Stefan and Damon go after their mother using their troubled childhood as leverage, but she has a surprise of her own for them.

On show’s impressive Atlanta set last week, Paul Wesley talked about the episode’s flashbacks and how Lily may be misunderstood. The tale goes back in time to when Stefan and Damon were both under 10 years old and reveals an abusive relationship with their father.

“It’s insight into Lily’s psyche and perhaps explains her behavior a little bit more by showing some of the things which occurred in the past,” Wesley says.

“I think it makes them … initially makes them hostile and then makes them more empathetic to her struggles because she reveals some key things that they didn’t really know. They thought she was just being a selfish person and really just not a good mom. And ultimately, there was a softer side to her that they were unaware of.”

Check out the video interview for additional commentary about the flashback scene.

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