With Rebekah missing, Klaus and Elijah invite Lucien, Tristan and Aurora over for a Thanksgiving feast, but it’s not a friendly gathering during The Originals Season 3 Episode 7, “Out of the Easy.”

Last week on the show’s set, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin talked with a group of reporters about the Thanksgiving dinner and the quest to find Rebekah.

Check out the three interviews below.

Highlights from the interview:

  • There will be drama at the dinner and not a lot of hand holding.
  • Klaus and Elijah have a plan, but they aren’t the only ones.
  • There’s an interrogation between Klaus, Elijah and the “Unholy Trinity.”
  • Klaus and Elijah are trying to find their sister, but the Trinity may have the upper hand.
  • The Trinity are more prisoners than dinner guests for Thanksgiving.
  • Hayley will be involved in the search for Rebekah.

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

(Image courtesy of the CW/Video: Carla Day)